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The Piano Master

The Piano Master

The world to me is all pianos. I love the everlasting beauty of the sound from a beautiful piano. Words will never come close to the love I feel for the piano.

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Get Loose Cover
  • Get Loose
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Pop
  • Tay Diggs
  • 09/03/2008
  • Get Loose
Liner Notes: Tay Diggs is professionally represented by Christopher Wrisner. You may contact Christopher Wrisner at chriswrisner@yahoo.com. All Tay Diggs music is a trademark of Tay Diggs Music. Copyright 2008
  1. Get Loose
  2. I'm Getting Real Money
  3. Simon Sayz
  4. Update Your Swagger
  5. Move
  6. Hot Girl
  7. F U Pay Me
  8. Body Rock
  9. First Born
Piano Masters #1 Songs Cover
  • Piano Masters #1 Songs
  • Instrumental, Instrumental
  • Chris Wrisner
  • 02/14/2011
  • Piano Masters #1 Songs
Liner Notes: This is one of the finest piano albums done in years. In search of that golden sound. We found a 1913 baby grand that had such a beautiful tone. The piano had been written off and had been put away on it's side in a basement for about 10 years. We dug it out and tuned it up. It had what we wanted, character! This entire album was done on this 1913 baby grand. We wanted to show how the life and beauty of this piano. What some had thrown away, we found beautiful. We didn't mix, master or touch up any of these tracks. We just wanted to show the beauty in age from a piano that was written off. You can hear her sing just as beautifully as the first day the craftsman finished her. It almost seems like the piano is saying to us, "listen to me, I am beautiful". Please enjoy these tracks. They come from the heart of something beautiful, something special, and of a timeless age.
  1. Here Comes the Bride
  2. Send In the Clowns
  3. So In Love
  4. Memory
  5. You Are So Mine
  6. You Are the Sunshine of My Life...
  7. Sweeny Todd
  8. Beethovan Sonata
  9. Human Nature
  10. Edelweiss
  11. All I Need Is Love
  12. Tiny Dancer
  13. West Side Story
  14. Concerto In F
Jesus Loves Me Cover
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Christian/Gospel, Instrumental
  • Jonathan Cooper
  • 02/05/2012
  • Jesus Loves Me
Liner Notes: This record was produced by Chris Wrisner. Jonathan Cooper was proud to use a 7' Steinway piano for this album. The piano was provided by Chris Wrisner for the use of this album. Special thanks include Chris Wrisner, Jonah Wrisner, Black and White records, Sony and Sony Creative Software, Steve Foldvari, Avlex microphones, Wrisner management, and most important The Lord our savior.
  1. Jesus Loves Me
  2. Good Ole Gospel Ship
  3. Old Time Religion
  4. I'll Fly Away
  5. He Sat Me Free
  6. The Glory Land Way
  7. How Great Thou Are
  8. It Is Well With My Soul
  9. Life's Railroad to Heaven
  10. Majisty
  11. Sheltered In the Arms of God...
  12. Springs of Living Water
  13. The King Is Coming
  14. The Lighthouse
  15. Unworthy
  16. Winning My Way Back Home
Here Comes the Bride Cover
  • Here Comes the Bride
  • Instrumental, Instrumental
  • The White Pearls Symphony
  • 02/11/2012
  • Here Comes the Bride
Liner Notes: This song is yet another beautiful wedding song released by Chris Wrisner. Chris Wrisner is one of the worlds most gifted pianist. On this version Chris felt the need to give this song a nice fresh revision from he first version. With the addition of real trumpet on the track, he gave the piece a truly beautiful sound that takes the song to a beautiful place that shows the beauty of the song. This is what beauty sounds like. The White Pearls Symphony is Chris Wrisner's musical project that incorporates the talent of Chris Wrisner with amazing studio musicians to bring a full and beautiful sound to life. For sheet music to this piece, visit www.blackandwhiterecords.net or email chris@blackandwhiterecords.net
  1. Here Comes the Bride