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John Edward Epperson III (May 07, 1975 Present), known by his Trademark:

This is the Real...Classic Jigga 2014

[1]An American rapper (Expert Boarder) Classic Jigga, (Grand Master Producer - MyBeatShop) Classic Jigga has earned worldwide recognition. Making him one of the best underground music artists in the world.[2] Ourstage a MTV partner has Ranked Classic as high as #2 best Rapper.[3] MTV recently awarded Classic Jigga with a MTV's “nextmovie.com” Package for his Judging (GAVEL GOD) at Ourstage. Classic Jigga is getting Downloads in Major Label Numbers and is ranking in the respective Charts. Classic Jigga is a part of most music websites Worldwide.

In addition to his career as a rap artist, he is a Beat Producer. The themes of Classic Jiggas Instrumentals are Cadence.[4] Classic Jigga has a New Internet Fan Base (Jango, etc...).[5] In April 2011, Classic Jigga signed with B.M.I.(Broadcast Music, Inc.,).[6] May 2011, Classic Jigga signed with A&R Select. [10] Get Here - Single Classic Jigga Release Date: August 18, 2011 was Featured by “New Hip Hop Release”.

Early Life

John Edward Epperson III was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up on the Cities Westside. He attended Loma Park Elementary through Memorial High School and attended some College at Palo Alto College. During Middle School at Harry S. Truman, John joined the Percussion section of the schools band and played many concerts in A Level Band. In High School, he was a leader in the Percussion Unit of the Cadence Marching Band.

Music Releases

[7] Classic Jigga released: Classic Jigga - TBA ( Lp Version) also, Available (On Syrup)

Tracks on the (Lp Version) and (On Syrup) are...

1. Classic Trap

2. Wheels

3. Locus Butterfly

4. Hills

5. Classic Jigga Like Me

6. Something For Your Life

7. War Sung

8. Get Here

9. Jigga’s Through

10. You Don’t Know

11. Dance On Me the Uppercut

12. SnS

[8] Demonstration (The Ep)

1.That's Correct (Produced by TUNES)

2.My Dear (Produced by TUNES)

3.123 (Produced by TUNES)

4.Been Latin (Produced by TUNES)

5.Black Cherry (Produced by TUNES)

Classic released a New Album - Orange


1. My Baby My Sugar

2. Ad-Villain vs. The Falcon

3. Bite The Bullet

4. Right Here

5. Professional Wallace

6. Freestyle

7. Tagged Beat

8. Amore

9. The Show

10. Peace Mind

11. Fifty-Nine 59

12. You Don’t Know (Believer Edition)

Classic Jigga is currently working on his next Full Lp Release "Chancy Music"

1. Sesh by Classic Jigga (Released April 2,2013)

2. Garage Band Rap by Classic Jigga (April 23,2013)

3. Crates by Classic Jigga (April 27,2013)

4. The Dream by Classic Jigga (May 18, 2013)

5. Knight Moves by Classic Jigga (June 4,2013)

6. Frisco Poppin by Classic Jigga (June 13,2013)

7. ROBOT #9 by Classic Jigga (June 26, 2013)

8. Avatar Sundae by Classic Jigga (July 18, 2013)

9. March by Classic Jigga (September 4, 2013)

10. Kiss Me Water by Classic Jigga (October 15, 2013)

Orange (On Syrup) by Classic Jigga Feat. D.J. Moe and Ace Cope (January 1, 2014)

[9] All of the work is filed at the Library of Congress through Copyrights (eCO)


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Registration Number / Date: PAu003554330 / 2011-04-24

Registration Number / Date: PA0001801544 / 2012-08-04


! Orange (On Syrup) Cover
  • ! Orange (On Syrup)
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Rock
  • Classic Jigga
  • 04/01/2014
  • ! Orange (On Syrup)
  1. ! M.B.M.S. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Moe]...
  2. ! A.V. vs. T.F. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Moe]...
  3. ! B.T.B. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Moe]...
  4. ! R.H. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Ace Cope]...
  5. ! P.W. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Ace Cope]...
  6. ! F. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Moe]...
  7. ! T.B. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Ace Cope]...
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  11. ! F.n. 59 (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Ace Cope]...
  12. ! Y.D.K. (On Syrup) [feat. D.J. Ace Cope]...