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Marianne Vedder:

Producer&Songwriter associated with Artist Pro organisation

BUMA/Stemra & SENA in the Netherlands

Label : CSFdeepinnerMusic


Artist/Producer&Songwriter is making wild rocking tasty,juicy rock /pop 'n metal

with a bite: you can jig 2, sing along with and bang 2! \,,/

In writing the music and lyrics Cozmicsoulfire tries to keep it

close to herself and her experiences in life .

She is a soulful story writer,

one who creates their own reality and infuses the realities of others

with their energy & emotions. Poetic and sensitive.

As artist She has traversed in a multitude of genres

from pop/rock & dance at her first compilation album "The dance and The Love"

to rock& metal at her last album Poison, she has pioneered in her Art.

Her experience as a singer - songwriter started with

being a all round cover singer in bands and as solo act

but over the years she has become more of a producer creating

songs with Protools&synthesizer,keyboards and guitars&samples

What Cozmicsoulfire makes is

an original take on catchy power rock/popfusion and metal

with a filmic storytelling poetic scenery touch...belting out ferocious,

CLOSE to writing perfect tunes,

GREAT guitars PRODUCTION with passionate melodies

while distorted power chords ring out the beautiful and unusual compositions

and the good rythmic, the terrific guitar, and the magnificent vocals.

Sound and very well-kept arrangement in beautiful and long musical journey...

refreshingly unconcerned with styles&trends.

sounding like a mixture of Ann&Nancy Wilson,

Melissa Ethridge, Grace Slick,Linda Perry a lady Robert Plant

with a badass attitude to rock :refreshing, vibrant and sexy ....

Artist's Media Player

Poison Cover
  • Poison
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Cozmicsoulfire
  • 11/24/2008
  • Poison
  1. Baby Come Here
  2. Woman...You Drive Me Crazy...
  3. I Want You With Me
  4. Living In a Darknight
  5. Give Me
  6. Poison
  7. Look At Me Now
  8. I Got It Bad
  9. Gonna Be a Long Long Time
  10. Almost Under My Skin
  11. Naked In Hell
  12. You and Me
  13. I DonĀ“t Fall In Love Easy
  14. Baby Baby
  15. True Love