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The Culkin School presents "One More Time"

The Culkin School is proud to associate with some of the areas best traditional Irish musicians. Whenever possible our students perform and compete on stage to live music of highest quality.

One More Time:

The Culkin School has produced a special CD of reels, jigs, slip jigs, single jigs, and hornpipes set at different speeds and played in precision timing using a metronome. Apart from being a pure pleasure to listen to, it forms a key part of our student practice sessions at home.

The CD was reviewed in the October 2001 issue of Irish Dancing magazine.

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One More Time Cover
  • One More Time
  • Folk
  • Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance
  • 08/15/2008
  • One More Time
Liner Notes: Irish Dance Music featuring Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill and Zan McLeod. Produced by the Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance. Copyright 1999. Visit us at www.culkinschool.com.
  1. Reels Oireachtas Speed 113...
  2. Reels Medium Speed 90
  3. Reels Slow Speed 80
  4. Jigs Feis Speed 120
  5. Jigs Traditional Speed
  6. Jigs Fast Hard Shoe 81
  7. Jigs Oireachtas & Slow Speed 73...
  8. Jigs Sonny Logan's 60
  9. Jigs Sean McGlynn 50
  10. Slip Jigs Oireachtas Speed 113...
  11. Slip Jigs Boys Of Balisadare 90...
  12. Single Jigs Merrily Kiss The Quaker Feis Speed...
  13. Single Jigs Liz Kelly Medium Speed...
  14. Single Jigs Off She Goes Slow Speed...
  15. Hornpipes Boys Of Blue Hill Trad Speed...
  16. Hornpipes Name Unknown Oireachtas Speed 113...
  17. Hornpipes Name Unknown 90
  18. Hornpipes Name Unknown 80