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The American Songwriter, Steve Curnutte

Steven Douglas Curnutte, born October 21, 1967 in Charleston, West Virginia is an American songwriter and artist from the 1990's turned entrepreneur. Following graduation from Wake Forest University in 1991, Curnutte released 11 independent records and toured nationally along the college circuit before signing to Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Curnutte was part of the cultural trend towards acoustic guitar and singer songwriter music following the grunge rock explosion of the early 90's. Accolades and accomplishments include winner of the New Folk Finalist Award at the storied Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, Texas, writer of top 20 songs for other artists such as the song Nickajack for The River Road Band, and writer of songs for major movies such as the song Dilated Eyes for the Bill Pullman movie 'The Guilty.' He was a performer on the famous radio program Mountain Stage. Curnutte was also part of the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend of the mid 90's that was fueled by the emergence of the Internet. He founded Yatata Publishing and Marengo Records and later sold them toward the end of the decade.

Think Again Cover
  • Think Again
  • Americana, Folk
  • Curnutte & Maher
  • 03/21/2008
  • Think Again
Liner Notes:
  1. The Demon
  2. Which Way Is Up
  3. Like a Dream Come True
  4. Sleep Easy
  5. The Rain Song
  6. Alone
  7. Fair Thee Child
Lackey Green Cover
  • Lackey Green
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Lackey
  • 03/21/2008
  • Lackey Green
  1. Nantucket
  2. Daylight Blinks
  3. Made In the Shade
  4. Eyes of Gray
  5. Monkeys
Lackey Copper Cover
  • Lackey Copper
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Lackey
  • 03/21/2008
  • Lackey Copper
  1. Dilated Eyes
  2. What Can I Say
  3. Forgotten How to Walk
  4. Gasoline
  5. All I'll Do
  6. Tripped Up
  7. Eyes of Gray
  8. Numbered In Billions
  9. Haul Me In
  10. Daylight Blinks
  11. Gi Joe Death Mix