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Hot single from the BASHMENT movie soundtrack!!

Who is Mykal Fax? In this era of entertainers being everywhere and consequently going nowhere, he is one of the few artists successfully blending his art forms to create a style that is truly distinct. Fax is a multi-faceted creative force whose work crosses the borders of music, acting, writing, directing and producing, the result of which is always arresting and forever fresh. His brand of creative cross-pollination fuses music and acting in a way the Caribbean community has yet to experience. Without hesitation, Fax used the momentum of his video performances to launch his music career. Initially, Fax worked under the alias, Pako G before adopting the pseudonym Cymbal, which he uses to date. Armed with a body of cleverly crafted lyrics and a unique style of delivery, Fax set out to make his impression on reggae-dancehall. Behind the scenes, Fax has scribed lyrics for the likes of Merciless, Sister Charmaine and Jigsy King.