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daniel mustard featuring paul alves

daniel mustard featuring paul alves

the new release from internet breakthrough performer/singer/songwriter daniel mustard featuring songs written by daniel mustard. guitar, bass, percussion and backing vocal by paul alves of "sousalves". drums by daniel orvik (recorded all the way in california) of "stars of track and field". additional backing vocals by shannah clarke and recorded by the great murray trider at ground control studios, bklyn, nyc. with cover art by angela earley and photography by david cova.

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...Tiny Steps Cover
  • ...Tiny Steps
  • Pop, Folk
  • Daniel Mustard
  • 07/16/2013
  • ...Tiny Steps
  1. Dancing on the Moon
  2. I Thought You Loved Me Too ( I Am so Sorry)...
  3. Means That Much (Intersection)...
  4. Do Without (Hard to Say)