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Danny Hunt "Be Inspired"

Danny Hunt "Be Inspired"

Listen to this fabulous voice and be inspired to Live and Love.

Danny Hunt is simply one of the best singers and entertainers there is. Well known and loved in Chicago, now you can know him too.

What he can make you feel in a song is unbelievable, with a voice that spans three octaves!!!

Own "MESSAGES OF TRUTH" and "THE WEDDING DANCE" for yourself today.


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Messages of Truth Cover
  • Messages of Truth
  • Christian/Gospel
  • Danny Hunt
  • 03/10/2009
  • Messages of Truth
Liner Notes: Messages of Truth I thank the Lord for the gift He has given me. It allows me to express my emotions, experiences and thoughts through melodies and harmonies. I'm honored that He'd use me as a vessel to carry His message in song. I also want to thank my lovely wife Z for being so supportive and understanding about everything. I owe her a lifetime of gratitude. My sincere thanks go to my good friend Keith Howard. Keith was responsible for drums, percussions, arrangements, engineering and premastering. He went far and beyond the call in helping make this recording a reality. It is always a pleasure working with you. Let me also thank and acknowledge other contributors: Dave Brooks [bass], Alex Harris [guitar], Ed Beard [piano], Sandra Dillard and Tia Bryant [vocals]. Artwork by Narvelle Media Production I invite you to visit me at: Myspace.com/dannyhuntmusic You are also invited to visit: Myspace.com/amandahuntsings Myspace.com/jaydinchristine All Rights Reserved Copyright 2008
  1. It's Not About Me
  2. He's Got A Plan
  3. He (Jesus) Loves Me
  4. Psalm 19
  5. Help Somebody
  6. Lean On Me
  7. Dwell In Me
  8. It's Like Heaven
  9. No Not One
  10. Thank You
  11. Sing Hallelujah
  12. My Prayer
  13. Pressing
The Wedding Dance Www.Dannyhuntmusic.Com Cover
  • The Wedding Dance Www.Dannyhuntmusic.Com
  • R&B/Soul, Christian/Gospel
  • Danny Hunt
  • 10/13/2011
  • The Wedding Dance Www.Dannyhuntmusic.Com
Liner Notes: You will create beautiful memories on your wedding night, or any other night, as you dance together to the soulful music of Danny Hunt. Visit www.Dannyhuntmusic.com
  1. Dear One
  2. Something About You
  3. It's Like Heaven