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Daryl Petree was born June 8, 1970, in Muncie, Indiana. At the time of his birth, Daryl's Parents, Arlie & Carolyn Jean Petree, had pastored a growing church in Muncie since the early 1960's.

In 1976 the family relocated to Dayton, Ohio and his father began to do evangelistic work for the next several years. At the tender age of 8, during a revival his father was conducting in Salem, Indiana, the young Daryl Petree surrendered to Christ and accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Within these formidable years he would develop a tremendous desire to know God and experience His mighty power.

By the age of 9 Daryl would know within his heart that he had been called into the ministry. At the age of 17 he officially surrendered to the call of God. At the age of 18 Daryl launched out by faith into full time evangelistic work. In the first two years of ministry he would preach 1000 sermons and introduce hundreds of people to Christ.

At the end of 1996, Daryl applied himself to education. By 2002 he had earned a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Masters in Theology and a Doctorate in Theology from Andersonville Baptist College and Theological Seminary.

Since 1988 he has ministered to thousands across America and in many foreign countries, and has seen hundreds of people come to Christ in a single service.

In 2004 his would face the grief of loosing a child. He was nearly overwhelmed by the circumstances following the loss. After loosing nearly everything he owned he decided to continue in the evangelistic field doing the work that he loved.

In 2009 he would be hit again with a devastating series of events. While in Germany he suffered what Doctors called complete exhaustion. As a result his health began to deteriorate and various physical issues restricted his ability travel for nearly a year. During his time off the road he would compose over 45 songs. And after the following months of illness he returned to the road. He had lost through the physical battle 64 pounds and though noticeably physically weak, spiritually he rose with a burning desire to do the work of an Evangelist.

In 2010 during a return to Latin America, he was attacked in a taxi. Stabbed and severally beaten he had been nearly killed. Once again he would be forced to leave the road during which time he lost most of his much needed support. He would sacrifice everything he owned to follow his calling. Today is is once again available for bookings worldwide and continues to reach into the world with a passion for souls and a message of hope.

In addition to being Ordained a Bishop with the Church of God, Cleveland, TN. Dr. Petree is a Singer- Songwriter. His music and stylings has become a favorite to many thousands around the world.

He has been honored with various awards for his ministerial efforts. Most recently Dr. Petree was given the Evangelist of the Year for Evangelistic Superlatives, and The Spirit of Detroit Award by the City Council of Detroit Michigan.

He has been featured on more than 1600 radio stations and on many TV stations in all 50 States across America.

Internationally, this ministry continues to reach into over 100 countries.

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Daryl Petree United States Georgia Homerville New Vision Church of God Oct 24, 2010
Daryl Petree United States Georgia Calhoun College Street Church of God Nov 07, 2010
Daryl Petree United States Georgia Sugar Valley Sugar Valley Church of God Nov 14, 2010
Daryl Petree United States Hawaii Wailuku CHURCH OF GOD Nov 19, 2010
Daryl Petree United States Hawaii Lanai City Church Of God Nov 21, 2010
Daryl Petree United States Tennessee Talbott Word of Life Church of God Mar 11, 2012
Daryl Petree United States Ohio Springfield Souls For Christ Ministries Apr 08, 2012
Daryl Petree United States Ohio Akron Living Waters Ministries Apr 15, 2012