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Artist Profile


Dave B Soul

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, David Broadus a.k.a "Dave B. Soul" started singing at the tender age of three.

Dave's mother recalls the first song he ever sung was "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston. Besides singing in

church, Dave looked up to his older brothers who played instruments in church. This struck his interest in learning

music and learning about the production of it. By the age of 15, he decided he wanted to be an entertainer. Dave

had already written a small Christmas musical, performed a song in the musical, and was continuously writing songs

on the side.

By the time Dave B. graduated high school, he was part of a small production company called Future World

Productions and was cast as Tonton Jullian in the Caribbean opera,"Once on this Island". Dave also joined the Gospel

rap groups Frontline Souljahs and Last Day Disciples. By this time, he was into music production and was producing

for the Last Day Disciples and the music department of Harmony School. Also during this time, Dave B. was in school

for audio engineering and received a certificate for production from Brown Mackie College.

Then Dave B. started producing for K-Drama, former member of the Last Day Disciples. His production credits also

include: B.I.G.S.T.E.V.E., The D&D Mixtapes and guest appearances on K-Drama's second album "Non-Fiction:

Beneath the Surface". Most recently, Dave B. Soul has just wrapped up "One Day You Will", a gospel musical,

featuring Aretha Chapman. He was triple cast as Bob-Starla's agent, Starla's father in the flashback scene, and the

conscience of the present, representative of the many talents of Dave B. Soul.

In 2007, Dave B. Soul was signed by Ovations Entertainment to a management deal. While with Ovations, Dave B.

was featured on a national gospel hip hop tv show called Real Life, was an opening act on a 12 stop college tour and

has performed with Ke Ke Palmer of Atlantic Records. Since signing with Ovations, Dave B. Soul has written songs for

C-Jay of R.S.M.G. (Russell Simmons Music Group), K.O of The Deele and Belinda Lipscomb of Midnight Star & the Wu

Tang Clan to name a few.

In December of 2008, Dave wrapped up recording his debut album "Neon," in which he produced majority of the

album himself. His album features guest appearances from Haywire, Mikos, Deanna Dukes, G-Tee Shotta and

Dungeon Masta of the Wu-Tang Clan.

If there is anything he can say about music, it would be this..."There are so many ways to express yourself, music is

the best way. Whether it be through song, production or dance, you can be yourself through music!"