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David Evans Ministries

David Evans Ministries

Introducing Singing Evangelist David Evans.

About David Evans --- He is what you would say ‘a pioneering veteran’ of the contemporary Christian music scene in Australian that specializes in praise and worship and evangelism. Over the last 20 years he has been an integral ingredient in helping to establish most of Australia’s major Christian movements e.g. Youth Alive, Hillsong and Planet shakers. David has always used his songs and worship to set an atmosphere of faith ready for his message. Since 2000, David has been specifically contracted as a consultant to various significant churches specializing in the development of their creative ministries departments. David in 2007, recently pioneered from scratch (with ex Newsboys frontman John James) a brand new church called "His Church" (its Jesus church) in Brisbane Australia. Currently David lives in the US. Always looking ahead for the next move of the Spirit, David continues to seek new initiatives to expand Christ’s influence over the nations.

David is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God in Australia. He's a graduate of The A.O.G national bible college "Commonwealth Bible College" majoring in Missiology. David's primary calling is to evangelism. As a singing preacher, David has seen thousands turn to Christ across the world.

David Evans is no stranger to Gospel Music. Born in the late 1960s David has been performing in Gospel Bands since the age of eleven. The songs on his CD's are gathered form his live and studio recorded works mostly found at www.davidevansministries.com

His music has never really been able to fit into any genre or style because he writes according to the need. (That’s always been a nightmare for record companies to market David’s CD’s) His philosophy has always been that “music is purely the vehicle that gives me the platform to deliver Christ message: therefore I always needed to find and use the right vehicle for the terrain I’m facing”. That’s how you become highly efficient and effective in delivering the message. This idea has caused David to write music that appeals to the musical taste of most people. If he went to a high school, he knew he had written music in a style that would draw a crowd and win them over. If he ministered at an old folks home, he had written songs that could win their hearts as well. That’s the reason for the vast variety you find on David’s recordings.

For the most part David’s personal taste in sticking with one musical style has been sacrificed to meet the need of the ministry. “The more you win them over the deeper and more effective you are at reaching their hearts” David said. One interesting note is that you will find David’s lyrics usually speak to the unsaved and yet Christians are the ones that purchase the CD’s. This is another indication of how he has written for the mission. As he says often “it makes more sense if you buy one of my CD’s and give it to an unsaved friend”. That’s why lately he has been putting out CD’s with a bonus gospel message CD added to it. Watch out for more recordings from Heartfelt Music as David continues to present new songs and styles to experience in order to raise Christ’s influence over the nations.