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A fresh new act has stepped up to enlighten a whole new generation. After recently releasing their debut album in Japan titled "Us Against the World", DEMOLITION is out to demolish (pun intended!) the stereotypes and everything else that has infected hip-hop music, and to bring their own flavor the game. To an ignorant ear, one would say that Demolition's sound is nothing more then a second crack at nu metal. After listening to their Japanese hit singles "Get Down" and "Throw Your Hands Up", you realize that Demolition's Punk-Rap style is not only unique, but also a reaction to the current state of Hip-Hop. This backlash resonance is real, clever, raunchy, and filled with angst! All the while Demolition keeps its roots of true New York Hip-Hop, lyrically being at its highest level. For those who can see beyond the haze of the current copy-cat mainstream genre, know that a storm is brewing.

In their debut release "Us Against the World", Demolition seems to come out swinging with a 1-2 punch of lead vocalist Euyo's amazing flow illustrating brutal honesty, complemented by DJ Drama's violent and raw production. Euyo, born Eugene O'Meara (Bronx, NY), depicts the quintessential artist whose inspiration comes from his torment with demons and a troubled background. The stocky first generation Irishmen with a taste for the drink and a quick temper could be compared to Eminem in terms of tone at first, but dont be mistaken- he is his own man. An incredible hook writer and lyricist, Euyo writes about whom he is and real situations, all the while not portraying himself as some sort of self-made thug. The Irish pride and story telling pours from each track, forcing you to relate to him in some way.

DJ Jimmy Drama, born James Blomquist (Jamestown NY), is the veteran and stability underneath the ferocity of DEMOLITION. A musician since 1990 and former tour DJ for Interscope/Motown recording artist Queen Pen, he has brought passion and musicianship to the group that is prominent in his work.

The outcome is House of Pain pride mixed with Beastie Boys enthusiasm and the lyrical viciousness of Eminem. DEMOLITION has brought that much needed spark to light a fire under the ASS of Hip-Hop music.

Us Against the World Cover
  • Us Against the World
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Demolition
  • 12/25/2007
  • Us Against the World
  1. K.T.F.O.
  2. Throw Your Hands Up (Featuring Donnybrook!)...
  3. High
  4. Get Down (Featuring Terror)...
  5. All I Have
  6. Someday (Featuring Ashleagh Suber)...
  7. Break Me Down
  8. The Reelness
  9. Me Vs. Myself (Remix)
  10. Let Go
  11. Here'S 2 U