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Digital Currency Media

Digital Currency Media

d.i.b - An American born rapper of Haitian decent. His Birth name is Rollins Dumornay but, for as long as he can remember he has been known as d.i.b (Determined Ill Being). He was raised in East Flatbush Brooklyn, just steps away from some of Brooklyn's notorious crime filled blocks and main avenues. Flatbush ave. was known as one of the epicenters of the 80's crack epidemic that crippled the communities in Brooklyn.The youngest of four children, d.i.b's parents struggled to shield him from the Streets. d.i.b was exposed to hip-hop and street culture through his older siblings. They would often bring home mixtapes and vinyl records of Rap songs and instrumentals. d.i.b would study his older brothers while going over there breakdance moves and routines. Eventually, d.i.b used those same Records and tapes to create his own rhymes. Due to d.i.b's shy nature, he kept his rhyming skills a secret until one day, after purchasing his very first rap album,( Nas-It was written) he decided that he wanted to become a rapper. d.i.b was always known for being the "quiet kid" in school. However, he began to gain popularity and notoriety from the local kids in some of NYC's toughest neighborhood in the early1990's by freestyling. He would also freestyle with older guys from local gangs and they would hold rap contests at school in the lunchrooms known as Cyphers. These cyphers would continue well after school onto the street corners and parks. d.i.b would perform one of his many routines allowing him to gain more fans and eventually raised a few eyebrows of some of Hip Hop's most influential insiders. d.i.b then went on to form ...... FOR MORE INFO GO TO www.dibnyc.com

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Necessity Cover
  • Necessity
  • Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
  • d.i.b
  • 03/09/2014
  • Necessity
  1. Soo Sweet (feat. Bud Ramsey)...
  2. Salutatations
  3. No Hook
  4. How I'm Livin
  5. Interlude
  6. Into You (feat. Zag & Xaiver)...
  7. Appreciate It
  8. That's All You Got? (feat. Skandul & Zag)...
  9. The World Is so Cold (feat. Travis Hampton)...
  10. Today's World
  11. In the Building
  12. I'm from a Place
  13. Block Party (feat. Asha Hazelton & Zag)...