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Music From Home

Music From Home

The Dina Preston Band has performed over 20 Armed Forces Entertainment and U.S. Embassy Tours representing Arizona and the United States as Ambassadors of Goodwill in over 32 countries, including a recent trip tour to South Korea to provide “Music from Home” for our troops and families stationed abroad.

The group has 20 years of performing experience for corporate giants such as Western Association of Food Chain Inc., Phoenix Suns, Sony, Motorola, Micro-soft, BMW, Sky Harbor Aviation, and Meeting Professionals International.

Other Arizona highlights for the Dina Preston Band include the Super Bowl XXX, NBA pre-game, and National Anthem performances for the Phoenix Suns, with performances at Fiesta Bowl events, and recently for the 2010 Cabo San Lucas Celebrity Golf Classic.

The following cuts are based on our blessed musical journey's. Please share them with your friends & family. Follow us on FB. Pass the Tweets:) Enjoy!

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