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Dion Hawkins

Dion Hawkins

It’s apparent that Ohio native, southern raised, Dion Hawkins grew up immersed in good music. Born into a musically gifted family, Dion’s grandmother, uncle and mother who are all musically inclined kept Dion in a myriad of dynamic musicians and genres. It is only inevitable that Dion was bound to evolve into the gifted vocalist, musician, songwriter and performer that he is. When growing up, Dion was introduced to various genres and performers during weekend trips, house cleanings and church services. An impeccable talent to mimic every style was developed. With his ability to write music that any age group can relate to, his range, power and soul, pared with the unique sound of his voice Dion is a true genuine neo-soul artist.

Dion chose neo-soul because of his love for it. He feels it has no limitations to where you can explore, no boundaries with age, content or gender.

Dion is inspired not only by other artists but also by encompassing the sense of music with life’s situations and personal tribulations. Dion always wants to perfect his craft and finds motivation from family, friends and church members.

Dion plans musical success in acquiring a major record deal and collaborations with some of his very own favorite artists that are currently in the industry.

Dion expresses the importance of this album, as it will determine the future of his musical career. Dion is ready, willing and exceedingly able to take his place and make his mark in musical history.

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