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DJ NuWave

DJ NuWave

My name is Peter Ceccarelli or as some people know me, DJ NuWave. I live in Westchester New York and have practically lived here my entire life. I was born in and adopted from Europe at a very young age. As a child i wasn't really the music type, well wasn't really the talkative type either. I attended St. Gregory the Great Grammar school for a few years and then in 4th grade moved over to Resurrection to finish out my middle school years. After that i then graduated and went to Salesian High School and graduated in four years. I attended Iona Collage for a year and now am finishing out my second semester at Westchester Community College. I didn't really come out of my shell until my sophomore year of high school. I was the quiet kid that loved to play kickball and would only really talk if i was talked to. Since then no one has been able to shut me up. I became a very social person and met some cool people really quickly, those whom which i call my friends today. From my friends I started listening to music more and picking out the songs and genres I most liked. From that came the whole idea for me to DJ and produce. I would hear a song and critique it and point out everything I would change if I made the song. Then I started listening to DJ's and producers mix and make songs of their own, and remix songs from the Billboard charts. They made it how they wanted it to be heard, how they liked it. That's when I knew what i wanted to do, wanted to pursue as a potential career. I love everything about music the way it sounds and how complex a song or a beat really is. Music requires passion and a ton of persistence because all the good artists are so hard on themselves and rarely if ever call a song perfect. I came out just the same and so far truly believe my songs are good but not perfect, not even close. Since I officially started recording and producing albums back in February of 2007 I have released 5 of my own mix albums on iTunes. My latest releases entitled "Endeavor" and "Tsunami" are available on iTunes Worldwide and Rhapsody. I am currently working on a 6th studio mix album and will be out Summer/Fall of 2009. I will keep everyone up to date with everything so keep checking in visiting the myspace page. If it wasn't for all my fans and the people supporting me I wouldn't have a reason to keep doing what I do. Thank You

~DJ NuWave~

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