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DJ Syntronik

DJ Syntronik


DJ Syntronik is Danny Lanning , an EDM musician / producer / remix artist / DJ from Atlanta, GA. 2014 was a great year for DJ Syntronik, as he made the switch back from DJ / Remix Artist to creating, and producing his own original songs, with over 16 single releases and over 25 total original trance, electro house, industrial, synthpop, and trapstep songs in just 9 months. He finished the year in December with a bang! His remix “Crush (Sunphase vs DJ Syntronik Remix) by Anything But Monday” was the winner in a worldwide remix contest on MixCity.com, followed by constantly increasing play counts on SoundCloud with 50,000 and counting in December alone. All of this paving the way for the release of his last 2 songs of 2014, and his most popular electro house songs to date “Dancefloor Killa” and “Touch” available on iTunes and most online music stores.

You can find all of Danny’s original music by following DJ Syntronik on SoundCloud at http://www.soundcloud.com/djsyntronik including exclusive unreleased songs (some available for free download) and brand new demo versions of DJ Syntronik tracks before they are released. You can buy his released music almost anywhere including online music stores like iTunes , Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy, Muve Music, iHeartRadio, Mix Radio, MediaNet, VerveLife, Wimp, Sony Music Unlimited, Gracenote Shazam, 7 Digital, Juke, YouTube Music Key Beta , JB Hi-Fi, Slacker, Guvera, KKBox, akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, and ClaroMusica or directly from http://www.tunecore.com/music/djsyntronik . DJ Syntronik loves to hear feedback from his fans regarding how his songs affect you, so please feel free to comment, like, repost, or contact him at any time.

As a go-getter and fiercely driven forward thinker, in March of 2014 Danny set a tough goal for himself, and achieved that goal in just 6 months. The goal was to be the first trance music artist from the Atlanta trance music scene to perform an entire live set containing only original, performance worthy trance music. You can hear the it here: https://soundcloud.com/djsyntronik/100-dj-syntronik-live-at-the-jorney-atlanta-sept-13-2014 .

If you are a dreamer, let DJ Syntronik be your inspiration. Don’t let the name fool you, Danny is not just a DJ. He is, at core, a musician and producer. He has made a name for himself worldwide with his live trance remix DJ sets, many of them mostly compiled of his own edits and remixes of the best trance tunes out there, as well as over a hundred song edits and remixes. Now, he is returning to his roots as an original musician creating, performing, and producing music that encompasses many genres. With heavy inspiration from artists like “Delerium” and many other trance music icons, he has a unique talent for multi-layered soundscapes that incorporate elements of trance, industrial, electro house, synthpop, trapstep, and general badass inventive sounds that should place him in a genre all to himself.

As a DJ, DJ Syntronik has been inspiring and supporting the Atlanta trance music scene for many years with live shows and amazing performances from 2008 to 2014, including multiple Mirosa Beer events and performances at Atlanta’s best clubs. DJ Syntronik was also the resident DJ for the wildly famous “Ladies Night Thursdays” for over a year at Cooper’s Corner in metro Atlanta.

Danny spent most of the last few years working on production and remixes with world famous dance music artists like quadruple platinum selling “Anything But Monday” as their premiere mix artist and others. In 2011 Danny created the “TRANCE ATLANTA” group to connect the fans of the scene in Atlanta, and to support and help promote the trance events and local artists, fans, DJ’s, and promoters.

After spending most of 2011 recovering from a nearly paralyzing car accident and a miracle surviving a perfect storm of nearly fatal sicknesses, DJ Syntronik exploded back onto the EDM scene with a fierce passion with the start of his wildly famous weekly residency for Ladies Night as well as making his stamp in the trance community with his Trance Atlanta live DJ sets. In January 2010 DJ Syntronik created Trance Atlanta Events in to showcase Atlanta’s local talented Trance DJ’s, and had many live trance headlining performances that year.

From 2000 to 2009 Danny spent most of his time remixing, producing, and working on original tracks as the musican “Syntronik” and the side project “Syntronik VS Myriameter” ( a trance-industrial-synthpop inspired hybrid) with 2 CD releases Syntronik’s “Submission to Music” including the very popular song “Submission”, and Syntronik Vs Myriamter’s “S.V.M” in 2008. In 2008 Syntronik began performing live as Resident DJ for “Trance Tuesday’s” at The Cave. Syntronik also had some live musician shows in 2008 and 2007.

There is one standard that Danny Lanning – DJ Syntronik will always have ... everything that he shares with the world online or in live performances is and will always be created, performed, mixed, and produced live in real time ... and will have an amazing sound quality!

Thank You all for your continued support.

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