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Dori Hartley

Dori Hartley

For years now, people have been asking me or leaving messages on YouTube and such as to how to find my music. Well, the CD has been off the market for a while now and I've recently made it download-able for anyone who is interested.

If you are a fan of 'The Soprano's', you may have been looking for that track that I did called 'Nobody Loves Me But You', which was featured as a part of the actual plot in Season One, episode 10, "A Hit is a Hit"... you can find it here on my CD, 'Blue Djinn'.

If you're a Rocky Horror collector, you might want to add this CD to your goodies list.

I appreciate your interest!

Please visit my art gallery and website at:


Blue Djinn Cover
  • Blue Djinn
  • Alternative, Pop
  • Dori Hartley
  • 05/08/2009
  • Blue Djinn
Liner Notes: For those who have not traveled in fringe circles, Dori Hartley was the original Frank-N-Furter impersonator during the crowd participation portion of the midnight screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show at New York City's Waverly Theater. Originating the role as a teenager in 1977, she gamely dressed in Frank drag at nearly every showing over the next six years alongside her fellow eccentric Rocky Horror stand-ins, who soon earned national recognition as the 8th Street cast, which in turn gained a cult following of its own among devotees of the camp film. Hartley even managed a friendship with her alter ego himself, Tim Curry, and appeared briefly in the video to "Paradise Garage" from his 1979 A&M LP Fearless. She finally cast off her makeup, garter, and fishnet stockings for good, "retiring" from the Waverly performances in 1983. At first she followed up on her surprise success by trying a hand at legitimate stage work, but it was in New York's alternative music scene that she eventually found a foothold. With songwriting partner Pete Min, she founded the dream-pop band Blue Djinn ("djinn" being an Arabic term that means "a being that makes dreams come true," or simply "genie") in the mid 1990s. The group released its debut recording, under Hartley's name, in 1996 on Tuxedo Records. The album earned generally favorable reviews and significant radio airplay across the country, leading to a small national tour for the band. Its commercial success, however, was limited. One of Blue Djinn's songs, "Nobody Loves Me but You," did earn a second life when featured in the tenth episode ("A Hit Is a Hit") of HBO's breakout television series The Sopranos. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide
  1. Keep My Eye On You
  2. This Is Your Life
  3. Nobody Loves Me But You (Sopranos)...
  4. Crying Sky
  5. Swamp Thing
  6. Wild Blue Heart
  7. Bare
  8. Can't Find The Way
  9. I'll Be Your Mine
  10. Ball and Chain (heart Poem)...