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Jack Miller / Love Has A Way / Dreadlock Rock

Jack Miller / Love Has A Way / Dreadlock Rock

Jack Douglas Miller, singer/songwriter, keyboardist and producer has always been hard to categorize as an artist and that's part of his appeal. On his new cd, 'LOVE HAS A WAY' Miller has found his sound which showcases his songwriting and soulful singing. He mixes neo-soul, jazz, R&B, Reggae and World music. Think Marvin Gaye, Maxwell, Maxi Priest, Trey Songz, Robin Thicke and Usher.

Also a film maker, Miller, has just completed Dreadlock Rock, the movie and sound track cd is an incredible musical and spiritual journey told through the lives of the brilliantly talented Jamaican musicians who's "Reggae, Rasta Revolution" of one love, one heart would forever change the musical world. Take the journey through the music, the musicians, the movie featuring Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare, the Mighty Diamonds, Willie Nelson, Blue Riddim, the Reggae All Stars, Marty Dread, Big Youth, Soul Syndicate and members of Third World and the Wailers.

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Jack Miller United States California Mendocino Greg Gorman Studio Aug 24, 2012
Dreadlock Rock Cover
  • Dreadlock Rock
  • Reggae
  • Various Artists
  • 06/30/2007
  • Dreadlock Rock
Liner Notes: • DREADLOCK ROCK ~ JACK MILLER • Produced by Reggie Griffin & Jack Miller Featuring : *Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespear, Cat Coore/Third World, Robbie Lyn
  1. Love, Peace & Unity <span class="various">by Big Youth, Bunny Rugs, Toots Hibbert, Jack Miller, Tafari with Sly & Robbie</span>
  2. Hope Road <span class="various">by Tabby Diamond, Jack Miller & the Soul Syndicate</span>
  3. Take No Part <span class="various">by Willie Nelson, Marty Dread with Sly & Robbie</span>
  4. Be My Lover Again <span class="various">by James McWhinney & Jack Miller with the Reggae All Stars</span>
  5. Hostile Nation <span class="various">by Jack Miller & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  6. Dreadlock Rock <span class="various">by Jack Miller, James McWhinney & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  7. No Mo' Worries <span class="various">by Jack Miller, Reggie Griffin & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  8. Love, Peace & Unity-aka LPU Dance... <span class="various">by LPU Dance-Toots Hibbert, Bunny Rugs, Jack Miller with Sly & Robbie</span>
  9. Love's A Kind of Ecstasy <span class="various">by James McWhinney & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  10. In The Night Club <span class="various">by Jack Miller, Ras Eddy-I & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  11. I Need My Roots <span class="various">by James McWhinney & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  12. The Joy Of Love <span class="various">by Jack Miller & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  13. Night Train To Kingston <span class="various">by Jack Miller & the Revolutionaries</span>
  14. Rastaman Psalm <span class="various">by Jack Miller & the Soul Syndicate</span>
  15. Waiting For Your Loving Touch... <span class="various">by Jack Miller & the Soul Syndicate</span>
  16. Reggae Preacher <span class="various">by Big Youth, Jack Miller, Junior Marvin, Tafari & the Reggae All Stars</span>
  17. Waging War <span class="various">by Jack MIller, the Mighty Diamonds & the Soul Syndicate</span>
  18. Hope Road / acoustic <span class="various">by Tabby Diamond, Jack Miller & the Soul Syndicate</span>
Ska Reggae Revival Cover
  • Ska Reggae Revival
  • Reggae, R&B/Soul
  • Blue Riddim
  • 10/12/2008
  • Ska Reggae Revival
Liner Notes: Blue Riddim Band / Ska Reggae Revival Talk to anyone who ever saw Blue Riddim live and they will search for words to try to tell you what it was like. The truth is it's hard to describe Blue Riddim because they were so unbelievably good. Seven white guys from Kansas City who laid down reggae grooves so massive that the speakers shook on their bases. Blue Riddim, the hardest working band in America, traveling coast to coast playing small venues and leaving behind dazed audiences who are still trying to piece together their shattered preconceptions. The Blue Riddim Band weren't just the best white reggae band on the planet they were one of the best reggae bands on the planet, period! This live set was recorded in San Diego, California in 1981 with the original members. Steve "Duck" McLane (drums, bass, percussion & vocals), Andy Myers (bass & trombone), Scott Korchak (trumpet & lead vocals), Pat Pearce (keyboards, percussion & vocals), Bob Zohn (guitar, drums & lead vocals), Jack Blackett (saxophone), and Howard Yukon (guitar, percussion & vocals) Mixed by Errol Brown - Tuff Gong/Jamaica Mastered by Reggie Griffin Produced by Jack Miller / IReality Productions
  1. Farewell Fidel
  2. Sweet & Dandy
  3. Intensified
  4. My Woman's Love
  5. Rock It Sistah
  6. Twisting the Night Away
  7. Bridge View
  8. Restless Spirit
  9. Riddim Rider
  10. Hold Me Tight
  11. Running From Jamaica
  12. Arab Oil Weapon
  13. One Love, One Heart
Love Has a Way Cover
  • Love Has a Way
  • Jazz, R&B/Soul
  • Jack Miller
  • 09/22/2010
  • Love Has a Way
Liner Notes: Vocals - Jack Miller Backing Vocalists - Bonnie Bowers, Reggie Griffin, James McWhinney Drums - Sly Dunbar, Bo Wade Acoustic Bass - Brian McCree Bass - Fully Fullwood, Robbie Shakespeare, Joel Shankar Guitars - Cat Coore, Peter Dobson, Reggie Griffin, Chinna Smith Keyboards - Glen Goto, Robbie Lyn, Nick Manson, Jack Miller, Quack Moore Horns - Moon Brown, Reggie Griffin, Andy Susuki Songs by Jack Miller *except with Peter Dobson or Nick Manson Produced by Reggie Griffin & Jack Miller Mixed by Reggie Griffin Strings & Horn Arrangements - Glen Goto Recorded in California, Hawaii & Jamaica
  1. Ain't Nothing But The Blues (feat. Andy Susuki & Nick Manson)...
  2. Out Of Silence (feat. Andrea Razzauti & Glen Goto)...
  3. Love Has A Way (feat. Sly & Robbie)...
  4. Strange Infatuation (feat. Moon Brown & Quack Moore)...
  5. Only You
  6. Living Without You
  7. Still In Love (feat. Reggie Griffin)...
  8. Oh Please Louise
  9. Inside Out
  10. Tell Her
  11. Ecstasy (feat. Reggie Griffin)...
  12. Love Has A Way (feat. Volcano Choy)...