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DRU-SKI a.k.a Mr. Playarific

With an utterly phenomenal ability to relate to the generation of tomorrow, Andrew Hunter, hereafter Dru-Ski, has pummeled the industry. A true pop icon in every facet. Dru-Ski's fluid-like mixture of gangster and a gentleman ensures his individuality as an artist as well as his inevitable success.

Early talents of writing have just recently birthed dreams of developing that writing into sound. Possessing little experience in the field, Dru-Ski's raw talent and passion have been unvieled ten fold. In record timing, Dru-Ski has completed production on his first solo underground album as well as appeared on the hit TV sitcom, BET's College Hill Atlanta.

Hailing from the Northern side of Atlanta, otherwise Gwinnett County, Dru-Ski, along with other locals, has helped to open a portal for those who were previously overlooked. But, unlike other artists, Dru-Ski brings a refreshing swag to the genre. His explicit formula, dubbed Playa Rap, combines both a desire to please the opposite sex as well flex his chiseled physique at those who oppose. Though never vulnerable in his lyrics, he strives to lessen the influence of violence in urban culture by focusing on other popular themes. Confident in his delivery, Dru-Ski offers his audience a certain cool that is unmatched by others but felt by all. Dru-Ski’s new album, Playarific, is the epitomy of these very qualities.

Comparable to few, it is already apparent that Dru-Ski is no hit and miss attraction. Stemming from emense stardom accumulated by being the focal point of BET's College Hill Atlanta, he has since toured the nation. His fan base spans far and wide and would be a profitable asset to any Major Recording Label.

A self-motivated and extraordinarily talented Dru-Ski states “Either I can sit back and get a normal job or just believe in my talents. Therefore, this music career is going to be a success.” His resume extends for days, with an endless list of shows along the Eastern coast as well as appearing in a concert with artists such as Rick Ross, Trey Songs, Lloyd, Plies, Shawty Lo, Rocko, P Floata, and many more. His most popular songs to date are Hataluvin, Bootytalk, and Freak. His message to the masses is “Believe in yourself and realize that only you can limit your possibilities, for they should be limitless.”

Dru-Ski has a love for entertainment that stretches for miles. His interests include but are not limited to acting, modeling, and dancing. However, rap has been noted as his first love. Though he does not depict the common gun toting poverish lyrics as most have grown to expect from Southern artists, he is continually rattling the eardrums of millions. Dru-Ski says “I’m just being myself; I’m neither a thug nor a gangster, just a playa. I play the game to win.” And win, indeed, is what he intends to do.