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Artist Profile

Druskininkų Džiazo Ansamblis

Druskininkų Džiazo Ansamblis

Lounge style, smooth, mainstream jazz music

The idea for the project “Tribute to Čiurlionis M. K.” came up in spring, 2010, when musician Linas Bankauskas was preparing for his own concert at the Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Memorial Museum. During the rehearsal a decision came up to perform a miniature of Čiurlionis in F major / A minor. The debut was a real success and the musicians decided to compose an hour long program of miniatures called “Tribute to Čiurlionis M. K” – jazz renditions of the composer’s themes with improvisations. The 2011 Čiurlionis centennial commemoration encouraged to implement the project and to call on Druskininkai Jazz Ensemble.

It is a great challenge for the musicians to interpret the work of Čiurlionis, by maintaining and conveying the original sound and mood of the Great composer.

“When I started to compose the arrangements of Čiurlionis‘ prelude, I have discovered a new sound of his music. I have looked at his works from a new and even more interesting perspective. I was also constantly looking for the ways how to convey the great composer. We aim to change the standard patern to interest the audience with a new sound of jazz music“ – Bankauskas L.

The program consists of six preludes of Čiurlionis and the arrangements for the piece of Allegro Moderato string quartet – the symphonic poem “Miške” (“In the Forest“) and an extract from Impromptu in F sharp minor.


Linas Bankauskas - aranžuotės, gitara, gitarinis sintezatorius / arranger, guitar, guitar synthesizer

Tomas Čiukauskas - saksofonas / saxophone

Lukas Zinkevičius - gitara / guitar

Ričardas Meškerys - bosinė gitara / bass guitar

Valdas Meškerys - mušamieji / drums

Saulius Sakavičius - klavišiniai (1,2,3,7 ir 9 kūriniuose) / keyboard (tracks 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9)

Adas Gecevičius - mušamieji (9, 10 kūriniuose) / drums (tracks 9 and 10)