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Ed Idiong is a singer/songwriter and producer with a dynamic and unique style.The arian masterful Pop star is a native of Akwa Ibom State. He was born in April 16, 1985 with his musical talents and grew up to be recognized as a Pianist in his hometown.

From my childhood, I discovered an ocean of songs, melodies and harmonies flowing through me. I Joined the church choir and started playing piano for my local church and some local bands in my hometown at a young age, I was always listening to music growing up as a child, my father owned sets of public sound systems and employed local DJs to play in parties,occasions and events and i was one of the DJs as a little child". Ed began writing his own songs during his high-school years and formed a boy band in year 2001 after he graduated from high school and moved to the city. The band which he named "Peerz" was a duo, himself and one other member. The band released three singles which did not turn in success for the group as singles were not accepted in his country due to the fact that the songs were totally westernized.

Shortly, after the group split in pursuit of a solo career,the pop/Rock rising star released his debut single "Miss Nigeria", it was also on iTunes. The song was a tribute to the Nigerian beauty queen who won the 2001 Miss World beauty title, it sold hundreds of thousand copies in Africa and other parts of the world, and it also attracted many fans from the United States. "One thing am sure of is; I came to this world to sing!". He says.

"Miss Nigeria" came out and was like a national anthem to every Nigerian. The single was first performed in one of the biggest musical concerts in Africa (the 2007 Kennis music easter fiesta at Kuramo beach Lagos, Nigeria), in front of over 5 million music lovers cheering up for more of Ed. The song received a nationwide acceptance right there and then. Few months after, the official "Miss Nigeria" music video was released and it enjoyed a constant airplay on the African TV stations including the international Big Channel O TV in South Africa.

Ed moved to the United States in Dec.2012 and lived in chicago to further his musical career. He started his EP album project oct.2013, in his home studio where he wrote and produced all the songs In his EP album and finally, he took his production to a mega studio (Rax Trax Recording) where he recorded vocals and more live instruments on the songs before mixed by one of the studio engineers. The EP was mastered in Gravity Studios, Chicago. His new single "Paradise" off his debut EP album, was released on iTunes on the 16th of August 2014 and he is busy filming his music videos with the big name in the music video industry. Watch out for his debut EP album and his official music videos coming soon! He's got so much to offer. Check out Ed's new single "Paradise" now available on iTunes!