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Eight String Band

Eight String Band

Eight String Band

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Eight String Band is an experiment in sound, melody, and rhythm that has been in the back of the band’s three member’s minds for years. The music that this trio plays mixes elements of rock, techno, and drum and bass in a simplistic way that separates them from other "fusion" bands playing today or in the past. Also, unlike other "fusion" bands whose music tends to be, sometimes, too technical for some listeners to appreciate, Eight String Band focuses on memorable melodies and grooves, allowing any listener to hear, understand and appreciate what is being played.

Produced by Tom Blanchard

Tom Blanchard - Drums

Ben Wolff - Eight String Guitar

Nick Casioppo - Keys and Banjo

Guest Musicians:

Dennis Alex - Trombone on Clave' and East L.G.C.

Todd Buslewicz - Trumpet on Clave' and East L.G.C.

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