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anglo-Indian rock with a hint of lemon


"you musn't hide whats on your mind"

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So, Life a Drag !?! Cover
  • So, Life a Drag !?!
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Electroflesh
  • 06/23/2010
  • So, Life a Drag !?!
Liner Notes: vocals & guitars Sanj Hayre percussion Pete Turtle all songs written, composed & arranged by Sanjiv Hayre copyright 2010 apart from track 11 Donovan/ Harrison
  1. You Never Said Goodbye
  2. The Scream
  3. Drag King On Coke
  4. Being Unfeeling
  5. No Tidal Wave
  6. Love Breakdown Again
  7. Kurt Got Hurt
  8. Your Husband's Bed
  9. Universal Son
  10. Hope Hangs Eternal
  11. Hurdy Gurdy Man