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Elena Undone

Viewers may purchase either the Soundtrack or the Original Score from what is being called "The Lesbian Film of the Decade" --

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Elena Undone Soundtrack Cover
  • Elena Undone Soundtrack
  • Soundtrack, Rock
  • Various Artists
  • 07/25/2010
  • Elena Undone Soundtrack
Liner Notes: Written and Directed by Nicole Conn - The Elena Undone soundtrack features thirteen songs from brilliant female musicians across the nation: Jennifer Corday, Melissa Ferrick, God-des & She, Jen Foster, Ashley Matte, Rachael Sage, The State Of Music, Sabrina Fuster, and Otto’s Daughter. An emotional ride through rock, electronic, acoustic and alternative, the soundtrack is a gorgeous backdrop for the film, available on Wolfe Video. Corday wrote and recorded the original song “Coming Undone - The Longest Kiss” for the film, which is featured in the hot and steamy kiss which is the longest on-screen kiss in cinema history. A must-have collection for fans of lesbian music and film. ELENA UNDONE a feature lesbian romance by writer-director Nicole Conn Executive Producer: Marina Rice Bader Producer: Jane Clark Co-Producer: JD DiSalvatore Two women from divergent lives are brought together through a series of seemingly random events.. An unexpected friendship blossoms into a full-blown love affair. Life, family and friends get in the way, but in learning to trust and overcoming their obstacles both women transcend their own insecurities and weaknesses to find not only the best of themselves, but each other. Soul mates do exist! All songs copyrighted by individual artists.
  1. Coming Undone (The Longest Kiss)... <span class="various">by CORDAY</span>
  2. What If <span class="various">by Rachael Sage</span>
  3. Missed Again <span class="various">by CORDAY</span>
  4. Drive <span class="various">by Melissa Ferrick</span>
  5. Something Better <span class="various">by Ashley Matte</span>
  6. Kaleidoscope <span class="various">by CORDAY</span>
  7. Love Machine <span class="various">by God-des & She</span>
  8. Right On Time <span class="various">by Otto's Daughter</span>
  9. On the Moon <span class="various">by CORDAY</span>
  10. What Would We Be <span class="various">by God-des & She</span>
  11. I Know <span class="various">by The State Of Music</span>
  12. Broken <span class="various">by Jen Foster</span>
  13. Skin <span class="various">by CORDAY</span>
  14. Suddenly <span class="various">by Sabrina Fuster</span>
  15. The Longest Kiss <span class="various">by CORDAY</span>