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After achieving moderate success with previous bands such as Terminus, Visions of Passion & Torture and Digital Hitmen throughout the 90’s into 2001, EXE formed as a 3 piece in 2003 featuring Chris Speciale, Rodney Cornett and Dawn Keim. Over the years the band has changed featuring up to 6 musicians at times, but the core of the band has always remained the same. What started out as an industrial metal project slowly evolved and became something else...

Today, EXE cannot really be classified under any one genre. Each song has its own unique sound and story taken from many influences including rock, goth, industrial, punk, metal, and even a little pop. With the exception of Dreamland, which is a rock ballad that tells the story of a slow descent into the bottom of a bottle, all of EXE's songs are layered over sequenced percussion and synth tracks that are, at times, reminiscent of an industrial / disco mashup.

Over the past 8 years, EXE has played venues all over St. Louis and surrounding areas such as Pop’s, Cicero’s, Just Bill’s Place, The Way Out Club, and The Library. They’ve shared the stage with bands from all over the country but never attained the same level of success as they had with previous bands. Then in 2010 ANACRUSIS guitarist / vocalist Kenn Nardi reconnected with Chris and immediately took interest what EXE was doing. Since then, Kenn has tirelessly helped out with promoting EXE in interviews, editing together videos from live footage and sporting EXE shirts around town and at ANACRUSIS shows. Towards the end of 2010 Kenn suggested and then undertook the project to engineer and produce a new EXE album.

On June 11, 2011 EXE released Stab Wounds & Stitches through TuneCore.com. It features 9 of the best tracks from the last 8 years and 6 all new songs. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Zune, and exestl.com.

After the last 2 shows in January 2011, EXE took a short break but is currently back to work writing new material. Look for us to be back on the stage with all new songs by late summer / early fall! Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news!



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