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Max Maharaja - EZ2H8U

Max Maharaja - EZ2H8U

The humorous lyrics on Max Maharaja's masterpiece EZ2H8U lightheartedly cover topics like religious gullibility, well-developed female posterior anatomy, personal accounts of post-zombie apocalypse life, woeful stories of humans with no prefrontal cortex, and other tales of assorted existential lunacy.

On both albums, genres as diverse as reggae, metal, punktry* and bossa nova are snuggled together in a brothy bouillabaisse that threatens to boil over the brim from the onset.

The instrumental tunes on both EZ2H8U and the MM debut reveal a level of deliberate attention so often missing in the rock genre today, that most folks are hard pressed in deciding whether shed a tear or bust a nut whilst listening.

The guitar playing ain't bad either. In fact, the song 'Wunda Brutha' starts off and ends with two of the sickest guitar solos you may ever have coarse through your ears.

*Oh yeah. Almost forgot - Punktry: Imagine a collaboration between Johnny Cash, Green Day and Steve Morse. You've just imagined Punktry.