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Artist Profile

Falling Iris

Falling Iris

Falling Iris has been writing music since before he could even play an instrument, and yes, it absolutely sucked. However, years have gone by and he has expanded his musical abilities. The only musical instrument he took lessons for was drums in 2002, and after 4 lessons of the guitar he taught himself keyboard and bass. After 150+ songs written, and 8 years of musical experience, he found out he could sing. And if you're curious what the significance of the name "Falling Iris" is, don't ask; cause he doesn't know either.

Equipment Used:

Macbook Pro

Logic Pro Studio

Schecter S-1 Elite

Line 6 - Spider III

Korg R-3 Vocoder/Synthesizer

Lexicon Omega

M-Audio MIDI Controller

EV Dynamic Mic

Roland TD-12 w/ mesh heads & DW 9000 double bass

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