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Ring the Bells

100% of the proceeds from RING THE BELLS goes directly to the African Missions partnerships of Fellowship Bible Church,Brentwood, TN.

This recording has been carefully crafted almost entirely with the gifts and talents of members of our church family. Each producer, artist, player, singer and arranger has graciously and enthusiastically donated their time and efforts to this project in order to benefit the heartbeat and passion we have for what God is doing in Africa. This Christmas, our humble prayer is that this offering might lead you to the miracle of the manger and carry you to a deeper knowledge of the Peace, Joy and Love of Jesus Christ.

Ring the Bells Cover
  • Ring the Bells
  • Holiday
  • Various Artists
  • 11/01/2008
  • Ring the Bells
Liner Notes: 1. RING THE BELLS Written by Ronnie Freeman, Cindy Morgan, Tony Wood and Mark Hammond © 2007 New Spring Publishing, Inc./Lehajoes Publishing/Row J, Seat 9 Songs/Solivia Music Publishing/Mark Hammond Music (ASCAP) Produced by Mark Hammond 2. ANGELS, FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY James Montgomery/Henry T. Smart Arr. © 2007 Scott Williamson/To All A Tie Music (ASCAP) Produced by Scott Williamson 3. ANGELS’ LULLABY Written by Nathan and Christy Nockels © 2007 Sweater Weather Music (ASCAP) Produced by Nathan Nockels 4. O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL Latin Hymn/John Francis Wade New chorus & Arrangement by Jason Ingram © 2007 Peertunes, Ltd./GrangeHill Music/Winsor Way Music (SESAC) Produced by Jason Ingram & Rusty Varenkamp 5. LITTLE DRUMMER BOY with SAVIOR GLORIOUS “Little Drummer Boy” written by Katherine Davis, Henry Onorati and Harry Simeone © 1958, ren. 1986 EMI Mills Music, Inc./International Korwin Corp. (ASCAP) “Savior Glorious” written by Chad Cates and Mark Hammond © 2007 New Spring Publishing, Inc./Upper Cates Music/Mark Hammond Music (ASCAP) Produced by Mark Hammond 6. GLADDEST NOEL Written by Jan Williamson Text © 2006 Jan Williamson “Silent Night! Holy Night!” Music by Franz Grüber Arr. © 2007 Blair Masters Music, admin. by Moon and Musky Music (BMI) Produced by Blair Masters & Alan Shacklock 7. WHAT WONDROUS LOVE IS THIS with WHAT CHILD IS THIS? American Folk Hymn/William Walker’s Southern Harmony, 1835 William C. Dix/Traditional Arr. © 2007 Blair Masters Music, admin. by Moon & Musky Music (BMI) Produced by Blair Masters 8. SOME CHILDREN SEE HIM Words by Alfred Burt Music by Wihla Hutson © 1951, ren. 1982 and 1957, ren. 1985 Hollis Music, Inc., New York, N.Y. (BMI) Produced by Matt Stanfield 9. GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE Written by Joe Beck, Carl Cartee and Wendy Wills © 2005 Yada, Yada, Yada Music/Mo Promise Music/Willow Branch Publishing (BMI) Ric Cua Music/Schparkenmusik (ASCAP) Produced by Don Koch 10. ONE SMALL CHILD Words & Music by David Meece © 1971 Word Music, LLC (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Produced by Pete Kipley 11. O COME, O COME, EMMANUEL Traditional Arr. © 2007 River Oaks Music Co./Brad and Butter Music, admin. by EMI CMG Music Publishing (BMI) Produced by Brad O’Donnell 12. EMMANUEL Written by Chad Cates and Tony Wood © 2007 New Spring Publishing, Inc./Upper Cates Music/Row J Seat 9 Songs (ASCAP) Produced by Mark Hammond (p) & © 2007 Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, TN. All Rights Reserved.
  1. Ring the Bells <span class="various">by Ronnie Freeman & Cindy Morgan</span>
  2. Angels, from the Realms of Glory... <span class="various">by Three Strand</span>
  3. Angels' Lullaby <span class="various">by Christy Nockels</span>
  4. O Come, All Ye Faithful <span class="various">by Jason Ingram</span>
  5. Little Drummer Boy With Savior Glorious... <span class="various">by Laura Licata, Cheri Keaggy, Denise Jones & Christy Nockels</span>
  6. Gladdest Noel <span class="various">by Evelyn Brush</span>
  7. What Wondrous Love Is This With What Child Is This?... <span class="various">by Heidi French</span>
  8. Some Children See Him <span class="various">by Amy Stroup</span>
  9. Glorious Impossible <span class="various">by Carl Cartee</span>
  10. One Small Child <span class="various">by Tofer Brown</span>
  11. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel <span class="various">by Erin O'donnell (featuring Ronnie Freeman)</span>
  12. Emmanuel <span class="various">by Geoff Moore</span>