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Gabriel Powell

The debut album, "Albany" by stunning adult contemporary vocalist, Gabriel Powell. A four-star pick by USA TODAY, "Albany" is a coffee-house music classic.

Albany Cover
  • Albany
  • R&B/Soul
  • Gabriel Powell
  • 09/25/2007
  • Albany
Liner Notes: Produced by Matt Ruys for Hiruys Productions with Luke Crampton & Dafydd Rees Executive Producers: Luke Crampton, Luther Randall & Dafydd Rees Recorded at Beavers Studios, Auckland, New Zealand and Crossover Studios, Atlanta, Georgia Arranged by Matt Ruys Musical Director & String Arranger - Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper Production Assistant - Simon Holloway Egineers - Simon Holloway & Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper Assistant Egineer - Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper Mixer - Simon Holloway Protools & Logic Editing & Programming -Simon Holloway & Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper All vocals recorded at Crossover Studios, Atlanta, Georgia Vocals arranged and produced by Matt Ruys Vocals engineered by Ben Price Matered by Glenn Schick for Glenn Schick Mastering Photography by Dan Van Der Kooy Front Cover Photograph: The Albany Theatre, 1927, under license from Vanishing Georgia/The Georgia Archives Art direction and layout by Greg Spencer CROSSOVER ENTERTAINMENT Billy Johnson (creative consultant), Colleen Tulloch, John Rogers, Tony Taylor, Derek Bishop, Kory Baker, Bony Carroll, Jason Grover & David Barnett MUSICIANS Bruce Conlon (guitars), Stephen Small (piano), Matt Shanks (bass), Simon Holloway (drums, percussions), Janek Croydon (slide guitar), Grant Winterburn (hammond organ), Godfrey De Grut (wurlitzer, synthesizer), Peter Dykes (cor anglais, oboe), Andrew Kopittke (french horn), Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper (solo violin), Ashley Brown (solo cello), Jeff Tribe (trumpet), Nicola Elford (recorder), Fred Sawyers, Felicia Sorensen, Myra Walker & Trace Balin (backing vocals) THE PRODUCERS THANK: Mark Butler, Jessica Ellis, Susann Estroff, Christian & Darby Healy, Dean Jepson, Wellesley Marsh, John & Jan Olding, Scott Pearson, Brian Platt, Christiaan Rees, Anathea Ruys, Isaac Ruys, Oscar Ruys, Scott Sanders, The Phoenix Forum, and to the memory of Phil Fuemana. GABRIEL POWELL THANKS: My mother and father Victor and Sandra Powell; Tory & Lency; Jasmine N. Richardson & the family Ms. Pat, Granny, Mika, Tyrone, Pooh & Miyah; Niesha & Karis; Ronald & Bree; Tim, Chris, Cruise & Warren; T.N.R.P. & The Band; Sonja Miller; Ned & Mary Joyce Odom; Geraldine Smiley; Diana, Rose, Tina, Rosa & Risa; Garrett, China, Dominique, Jordan, Jelisa &Danielle; Jevannah & Cory; Marsha Turney, Lyn & Mika; Rhema Word International Ministries; Kenneth & Johnny Hunter; Kenneth & Octavia; Boyz Duke, Rio B & Big J; Marquise; Elaine Williams & Her Family; Mark Butler; The Hardwick Family; Eugene Burns, Sr. & Veronica E. Burns; Matthew Hardwick - I Love All Of You From The Bottom Of My Heart - Gabriel
  1. This Is The Life
  2. Broken Man
  3. City Boy
  4. Second Chance
  5. I'll Be Home
  6. Trouble
  7. (Send You) On Your Way
  8. Love Me Still
  9. I Could Not Ask For More
  10. Broken Things
  11. What Ever Happens
  12. You Don't Know Me