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GARVEY is the band name for music made by William Garvey.


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Skin Cover
  • Skin
  • Electronic, Alternative
  • Garvey
  • 01/23/2008
  • Skin
Liner Notes: William Garvey is the writer, musician and producer of "Goodbye Horses" (Q Lazzarus - vocals) which appeared in Jonathan Demme's "The Silence of the Lambs", "Something Wild" and "Married to the Mob", also in Kevin Smith's "Clerks 2" and in the soon to be released video game "Grand Theft Auto 4" from Rock Star Productions. Veronica Red (Veronica Piscopo-Harrison) is the lyricist and vocalist for this album, when not doing her photography and Reiki therapy. "Skin" is a collection of electronic tone poems. Veronica Red's inspired lyrics and luminous voice create a music that unfolds in real time. The pure now of improvisation or music as happenings. A unique blend of poetry and electronics. The album "Skin" was born as a whole and is offered in the same sequence as it was recorded. There is always an element of chance and a sense of humor. A strange new landscape where your mind is free to roam. We hope you enjoy this previously unreleased album - "Skin". -Garvey and Veronica Red Cleveland, Ohio 2008 sites: www.garveymusic.com www.garveymedia.com www.myspace.com/veronicared
  1. Bus
  2. Secret
  3. Buildings
  4. Life
  5. Sweet
  6. Robo Sapien
  7. Time
  8. Listen
  9. Miss Jones
  10. Colors
  11. Bus - Extended (Bonus Track)...
  12. You're Too Much (Bonus Track)...
  13. Free Whore (Bonus Track)
Goodbye Horses - The Garvey Remixes Cover
  • Goodbye Horses - The Garvey Remixes
  • Alternative, Electronic
  • Garvey
  • 04/11/2008
  • Goodbye Horses - The Garvey Remixes
Liner Notes:
  1. Goodbye Horses (featuring Q Lazzarus) Full Original Version...
  2. Goodbye Horses (featuring Q Lazzarus) Clerks II Remix...
  3. Goodbye Horses (featuring Q Lazzarus) Choral Remix...
  4. Goodbye Horses (featuring Q Lazzarus) House Remix...