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GE3 Music

GE3 Music

My name is Gabe Estrada aka GE3 of B-Town Beats. On the count of it being so hard to make music with B-Town Beats I have decided to go solo and start working on my own career. I can honestly say that I have decided to take my career serious and start to get some real attention from the industry. If you like what im doin leave me a comment and show all the love you can! Big shout out to Rock it productions for producing all the beats I use for the time being.

Music is my passion, but I also do a few other things that make me happy. I love to play basketball and hang out with friends for entertainment. I also love spending time with my girlfriend and family. I am currently attending Yavapai College trying to get an associates degree in Business Management so hopefully one day I can be doing something business-like in the music industry (that is if im not physically making the music.)

I feel like I am "starting a new life" going to college and growing up so I want my music to reflect that idea. No more talking about how I "got money" or anything like that because I don't, and I want my music to be true and actually have a purpose...but please believe i'm still aiming to make people want to get up and move!

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