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Genitorturers on TuneCore!

Genitorturers on TuneCore!

This is the story of the Phenomenon known as the GENITORTURERS whose audio-visual exploits have earned them the title as “ THE WORLDS SEXIEST ROCK BAND”!

The players:

GEN: Vocals, Ringleader, Instigator of Official Debauchery

Evil "D" David Vincent: Bass guitar, Upright bass

Bizz: Guitar

Originating in Orlando Florida, Gen gave birth to the concept of Genitorturers while in college studying pre-med.

The Genitorturers cut their teeth, honing their music and live show initially in the early 90's Florida "Hardcore" music scene. What emerged would be a band that would go beyond shaking up the house that "Mickey" built and extend to paving the way and breaking ground for performance based music artists thereafter worldwide.

In 1993 the band caught the ear of Miles Copeland owner of IRS records, who had discovered and created careers for acts like REM, GoGo's, The Bangles, Concrete Blond and STING. He was drawn to the band whose live shows were becoming infamous regionally and quickly sent his assistant Nick Turner ( former drummer for Lords of the New Church) to Florida to check out the band. Upon witnessing the power of the bands live show which included a music style which crossed over from hardcore punk into metal with industrial electronic elements, the band was offered a record contract and set out to record "120 Days of Genitorture".

Since their 1993 IRS Records debut release of "120 Days of Genitorture", the band has been covered by many high profile media outlets. Television coverage has included features on VHI, Fox News, Hard Copy, HBO’s Real Sex and Playboy TV’s “SEXCETERA”.

With over 5,000 pages of articles, recent printmedia coverage has included a feature in Gene Simmons "Tongue" magazine and 12 pages in Hustler magazine.. the ONLY multi-page spread EVER with a rock band.

In addition, extensive touring in the U.S., Europe and JAPAN have garnered them a devoted fan base worldwide, a growing number of whom travel to repeat shows calling themselves “GENHEADS” or fight tooth and nail when the band auctions off their annual “EVENING OF TORTURE" on EBAY. Lead singer Gen has even been the subject of a British release feature film “Preaching to the Perverted” a fictional account exploring her life and exploits.

Today GENITORTURERS have succeeded in making believers of even the stodgiest music critics who prior to witnessing them live had all but written them off as some kind of gimmick....“Yes, they have their schtick......but can they play? You betcha!. Their hard driving yet brutally sexy rock and roll sucks you in.. and once you are there you are hooked!

The bands release “Flesh is the Law “ is sure to satisfy any aural fixation and includes the track "Lecher Bitch" which was released worldwide on the videogame & soundtrack release "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines"

Earlier releases have included the cd " Machine Love” which includes an incredible remake of the Divinyl’s hit “Touch Myself” produced by Dave Ogilvie(Skinny Puppy, NIN) and Rob Zombie producer Scott Humphrey .


Nov 2009 Blackheart Revolution cd

SEP 2009 Cum Junkie 7" Vinyl

OCT 2007 Genitorturers "LIVE IN SIN" DVD MVD-Music Video Distributers

2003 Flesh is the law cd Dreamcatcher/SPV,Big MF, Gforce Records

2001 "The Society of Genitorture" DVD Music VideoDistributers/G spot films


2000 “Machine Love” CD Cleopatra Records

1998 “Sin City” CD Cleopatra Records /Gforce Records

1997 “Society of Genitorture” VHS G-Spot Films

1993 “120 Days of Genitorture” CD IRS Records /Capitol


Nov. 2004 VIDEOGAME: Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines- Activision

June 2004 VIDEOGAME: True Crime Streets of LA- Activision ( 4 songs)

2003 Movie Soundtrack: Vampire Clan

2003 Movie Sountrack: Bike Week Exposed

1999 Movie Soundtrack: Raging Hormones

1997 Movie Soundtrack: The Society of Genitorture

Press Inquiries & print photos contact: Gforceltd@aol.com

Band Booking: Gforce Inc-gforceltd@aol.com

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Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
GENITORTURERS United States Arizona Scottsdale Venue of Scottsdale Feb 06, 2010
GENITORTURERS New Zealand Auckland The Transmission Room Apr 17, 2010
GENITORTURERS Australia Brisbane 229 Apr 23, 2010
GENITORTURERS Australia melbourne hifi bar Apr 24, 2010
GENITORTURERS Australia Sydney Gaelic Theater Apr 25, 2010
GENITORTURERS United States Louisiana New Orleans The Hanger Feb 18, 2011
Flesh Is the Law Cover
  • Flesh Is the Law
  • Rock, Alternative
  • 06/29/2008
  • Flesh Is the Law
Liner Notes: GENITORTURERS FLESH IS THE LAW Players: Gen- Vocals Evil "D"- Bass Chains- Guitar Angel- Drums Contact: Official Website: http://www.genitorturers.com MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/genitorturers Merchandise & Fan Club PO BOX 8479 Tampa, FL 33674 Recorded at Compound Studios 2001-2002 Cover image by Dan Santoni
  1. Lecher Bitch
  2. Public Enemy #1
  3. Flesh Is the Law
  4. House of Shame Live
  5. Terrorvision Live
  6. Guns Are Good
  7. All Hell Breaks Loose Live...
  8. 120 Days Live
Sin City Cover
  • Sin City
  • Alternative, Rock
  • 02/11/2009
  • Sin City
Liner Notes: Gen- Vocals Chains- Guitars Evil D. Vincent- Bass V. Saletto- Keys, Programming All songs Published by Fetish Hymns/ Ascap God of Perverse/ Ascap, Prehistoric Forehead/ Ascap, Recorded at The Compound, Tampa, FL Tracked by V. Saletto Mixed by Bill Kennedy Mixed at Powerhouse Studios, Orlando, FL Assistant Engineering James Creer Cover Photo: Barb Beeler Layout: Craig Brubaker Official website: http://www.genitorturers.com http://www.myspace.com/genitorturers Contact Mailing: Retribution Music PO box 8479 Tampa, FL 33674
  1. Sin City
  2. Terrorvision
  3. Liars Lair
  4. One Who Feeds
  5. Squealer
  6. 4 Walls Black
  7. Asphyxiate
  8. Razor Cuts
  9. Level 3
  10. Crucified
Touch Myself EP Cover
  • Touch Myself EP
  • Rock, Alternative
  • 07/23/2001
  • Touch Myself EP
Liner Notes: "Stitch In Time" (Fetish Hymns-ASCAP,God of Perverse-ASCAP) & "Touch Myself"(Black woodmusic-BMI)-mixed by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie & Scott Humphrey @The Chop Shop Hollywood, CA "Machine Love"(Fetish Hymns-ASCAP,God of Perverse-ASCAP)- Mixed by Evil D & Sketchy@ The Compound, Tampa, FL "Procession"(Fetish Hymns-ASCAP,Prehistoric Forehead Music-ASCAP-Mixed by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Vancouver, CA Original Tracks from Genitorturers "Machine Love" cd, released 2001 by Cleopatra Album photo by Ward Boult
  1. Stitch in Time
  2. Touch Myself
  3. Machine Love
  4. Procession