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Double début release. Gestalt is an improvisation ensemble based in Lisbon, Portugal. The band was initially formed by António Duarte (electronics), Manuel Guimarães (piano and guitar) and Paulo Galão (clarinets) but is also open to collaborations with other improvisers.

Gestalt music is based on free improvisation combining features of the specific spectrum of the different sound sources.Gestalt transidiomatic improvisation emerges from frameworks not previously established where soundscapes are a consequence of the communication between improvisers - in real time. It can therefore be considered a work-in-progress composition which results from that communication.

Once Upon a Western Dawn Cover
  • Once Upon a Western Dawn
  • Alternative, Electronic
  • Gestalt
  • 08/11/2016
  • Once Upon a Western Dawn
  1. Awake
  2. First Reflection About Being Awake...
  3. First Mysterious Conclusion...
  4. Toys Free Play
  5. Second Reflection About Being Awake...
  6. Second Mysterious Conclusion...
  7. Doubtful Questions with Groove...
  8. Famous Last Words
Cod Waters Cover
  • Cod Waters
  • Alternative, Instrumental
  • Gestalt
  • 08/11/2016
  • Cod Waters
  1. Lonely Trip
  2. Travel Begins
  3. Running Time
  4. Puzzling Around
  5. Liquid Thoughts
  6. Oriental Meeting
  7. Deep Space
  8. Alfama Meeting
  9. Final Running Time