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Emajo The Hardx Prologue

Emajo The Hardx Prologue

What's Up People, It's your Boy H.A.R.D to the X....HARDX, It's been a while I have been in the game, I started way back in 1999 and people has been feeling my swaga, I had to leave the game for my Education in 2004, I finished my University education in 2008 and I am back in the game, Y'all gonna see, feel and perceive my swaga, Nothing do me, I am a typical Nigerian boy from MoonShine City in Lagos part of Nigeria, I have my new single going on around all Nigeria radio stations and my album is completed and just wanna push the promo a little bit before throwing my album to the public, this album will be released under my Indie label called: Soul Suiter Entertainment, all my songs is being produced, mixed, mastered and recorded at Soul Suiter Entertainment Recording Studio, I still remain your loyal Mushin Boy a.k.a Agba Osere.....Peace Out...HARDX.

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For Management and Booking Enquiry Contact:

Soul Suiter Entertainment.

Tel: NG +234-8032707317

Email: soulsuiter4music@gmail.com

SKYPE NAME: hardx4music

Website: http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/hardxbaba

Facebook: Hardx Ema Jo

Google Search: Hardxbaba

Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=131656005378

Twitter: http://twitter.com/hardx4music