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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman

"... From the first time I heard Harriet Tubman as the sum of their collective parts--Brandon Ross (electric guitar, banjo, vocal), Melvin Gibbs (electric bass), and JT Lewis (drums)--I felt like I had been to church, in the best sense of the word. I felt my spirit had been fed and my soul given succor. Sometimes you don't know how thirsty you are until someone gives you a cup of water. That's Harriet Tubman."

- Audiolog, concert review

"...Together they (Gibbs/Lewis/Ross) turn in a scintillating, white-hot cauldron of slamming funk-rock, audacious skronking and ambient textures, with (Ron) Miles’ plaintive trumpet, Ross’ searing, distortion-laced guitar lines and the DJs’ wildly creative impulses flying over the dense mix with subversive impunity..."

- Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times review of "Ascension"

"...The further we get from the ‘60s, the less likely we are to come across genuine surprise. But I’ve always wondered what it was like to hear a future classic, to hear something brand new that will survive every test that time and fashion throws in its way. I’m going to hang it out there and say that Harriet Tubman’s Ascension is the new classic to behold, one that people will be talking about decades from now."

- John Garrat, Pop Matters

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Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Harriet Tubman United States Connecticut New Haven Firehouse 12 Oct 14, 2011
Harriet Tubman Poland Sopot Sfinx Oct 21, 2011
Harriet Tubman Netherlands Eindhoven De Effenaar Oct 23, 2011
Harriet Tubman France Paris New Morning Oct 25, 2011
Harriet Tubman Austria Vienna Porgy & Bess Oct 27, 2011
Harriet Tubman Germany Frankfurt Frankfurt Jazz Festival Oct 29, 2011
Harriet Tubman Italy Sant Anna D'Aressi Sardinia Aug 30, 2012
I Am a Man Cover
  • I Am a Man
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Harriet Tubman
  • 08/03/2007
  • I Am a Man
Liner Notes: "Boasting loads of guitar pyrotechnics and elusive rhythm collisions, Harriet Tubman are a power trio like no other." Harriet Tubman formed in 1998 when drummer J.T. Lewis, guitarist/vocalist Brandon Ross and bassist Melvin Gibbs came together to start a band. Harriet Tubman is named after the heroic African-American slave who risked her life to escape from slavery and helped more than 300 others to do the same. Deeply inspired by the ideals of freedom, Harriet Tubman's music plumbs the soul's depths for liberated musical expression. Harriet Tubman's music is an continuation of the process of contextual and musical innovation exhibited by such diverse artists as Ornette Coleman, Jimi Hendrix, Derrick May, Art Ensemble of Chicago and Parliment-Funkadelic. Re-contextualizing musical technology to create innovative compostional and cultural spaces is an important part of the African-American cultural tradition. Harriet Tubman is part of our contribution to that tradition. Harriet Tubman credentials: Brandon Ross: Henry Threadgill, Cassandra WiIlson, Jewel, Arrested Development, Oliver Lake's Jump Up, Butch Morris Conductions, Arto Lindsay, Muhal Richard Abrams, Archie Shepp, Leroy Jenkins, Kip Hanrahan, Don Byron, Me'Shell N'degeocello, Tony Williams, and The Lounge Lizards. Melvin Gibbs: Rollins Band, dead prez, Punk-Funk All-Stars, DJ Logic, Arto Lindsay, Power Tools, Defunkt, Decoding Society, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Eye and I. J.T. Lewis: Living Colour, Dave Sanborn, Sting, Lou Reed, Herbie Hancock, Don Pullen, Lou Reed, Tina Turner, Vanessa Williams, Whitney Houston, Henry Threadgill, David Murray, Kip Hanrahan, Bill Laswell, Marc Ribot, Marianne Faithfull.
  1. Savannah
  2. Where We Stand
  3. Hards Dry
  4. Adapted
  5. Take Out
  6. High Black Skin
  7. Asiatic Research
  8. Moly
  9. Frozen Fire
  10. Iridescent Shark-Skin Suit...
  11. 2 Man Army
  12. Re-Adapted