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The High Street Band

The High Street Band

High Street Fun in a Suit!

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Decades Cover
  • Decades
  • Big Band, Vocal
  • High Street
  • 09/27/2011
  • Decades
Liner Notes: DECADES...No, not the time between High Street CD projects(though it might seem like it). DECADES...no, not the time some High Street members have been performing together(starting into their third decade). DECADES...musical selections from the 40's through the 2000's; a selection of songs, some of which cross generational boundaries and stand the test of time, some of which bring back memories, and some of which are just band favorites. This has been a rewarding musical project for High Street and has something for everyone. Thank you for supporting High Street and enjoy our musical journey through the decades!
  1. In The Mood
  2. Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't My Baby...
  3. What'd I Say
  4. Beyond The Sea
  5. I Saw Her Standing There
  6. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye...
  7. Beginnings
  8. Long Train Runnin'
  9. What A Wonderful World
  10. Just A Gigolo
  11. The House Is Rockin'
  12. Go Daddy O
  13. One More Last Chance
  14. Sway
  15. I'll Be The One
  16. Hey, Taxi