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Huero Snipes

Huero Snipes

Huero Snipes A.K.A The Bopper straight out of Los Angeles,CA takes you deep into the gang life that only few live to tell. Witness the realest words spoken first hand westside style.This West Coast native has been loyal to the streets from day one...with collaborations such as C-Bo, Goldie Loc, Bad Azz, Spanky Loco, Conejo, Kokane, Omar Cruz, Bushwick Bill, Dj Broadway, Watts Up Prod., Ces From The West...The list goes on. 5 yrs deep in the game with multiple albums flooding the streets. From the west coast to the east coast to down south and over seas to Japan, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France the fan base keeps expanding.Dont sleep on the realest in the game!!! Also visit the website www.thereal310west for the latest on Huero Snipes. Or you can also check out youtube.com for all kinds of videos....Thank You for your support...cus there would be no Huero Snipes with out all his fans support !!!

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Gangland the Mixtape Cover
  • Gangland the Mixtape
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Huero Snipes
  • 06/16/2011
  • Gangland the Mixtape
Liner Notes: Huero Snipes aka " The Bopper " is still active when it comes to this gangster ishh!! Gangland The Mixtape features Spanky Loco, Stomper, G-Boy, Lucky Dog, and Queena Montana. Huero Snipes takes you into his world of the gruesome reality of Los Angeles, also known as the "Gangland"!!! www.thereal310west.com
  1. Sucka Mc's
  2. Whats My Name " The Bopper"...
  3. Somos Gangstas (feat. Queena Montana)...
  4. Highway Music
  5. Just Dippin (feat. Spanky Loco)...
  6. Bang Bang
  7. Yaw Wannabz
  8. Servin Hot Ones
  9. Skiing All Summer
  10. Gangsta Talk (feat. Jenn Love & Jenn Love)...
  11. As The Days Go By
  12. Peelin Paper (feat. Prod. Ces From The West)...
  13. Chorous Of Death (feat. Knuckle)...
  14. What We Do (feat. Feat. Spanky Loco, & Stomper)...
  15. You Cant See Me (feat. G Boy)...
  16. You Think You Know
  17. Hate Mail (feat. Prod. Kreator)...
  18. Mind On My Money
  19. Dabbalin With Dope
  20. Outlaws (feat. Spanky Loco,, Predikt & Prod. Son Of Sam)...
  21. Just Another Day
  22. On My Grizzy