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Immo Stax 'The Titan of Hip Hop'

Immo Stax 'The Titan of Hip Hop'

Immo Stax fights toddlers for Jello Cups.

Immo Stax can fly. He flies upside down and backwards.

His cape is made of a bib he strong armed from a toddler who finally won a single Jello Cup. He did not get the entire 6 pack and is still considered to have lost the war.

Immo Stax will slap you in the mouth in the middle of your sentence & then laugh.

Vote Immo Stax for President.

When Immo Stax is elected president, all citizens will be awarded 'no taxes for a year' if they attack a wack rapper. They be given a medal of honor for burning down the house of any wack rapper.

When Immo Stax is elected president 2012, he will mandate that all books have pictures of breasts in the background. Cuz if books were written on boobs no man would be illiterate.

Where does Immo Stand on abortion? He's not a woman.

Immo Stax for President.

Immo plans to fire all U.S. spies and replace them with exotic dancers, strategically placed in the finest foreign clubs worldwide. They will collect intel, and the money they make will pay off the deficit.

Antihero Cover
  • Antihero
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Immo Stax
  • 08/02/2011
  • Antihero
Liner Notes: Copyright © 2011 Immo Stax All Rights Reserved For booking/more info contact: Kyoba (678)926-8339 immostax@yahoo.com TRILLION MORE Produced by Eddie Versatile Featuring Emagin The Mastamind 1st Verse by Immo Stax I dont bang, I mob I dont steal, I rob I know, Im the realest nigga in your ipod I dont pimp, I mac I dont ball, I stack I dont act, Iam, I dont rap, I jam OK... I admit! I dont snitch, Im down Im the ring leader, so I leave the stunting to the clowns I dont flex, I chill I dont talk I will, While these dummies copy who they want to be, Im is IM... Going illiterate damn I need ritalin Call up the coronoer tell them Im killing it Life is a bitch well damn Im drilling it And I wont quit till you feel the adrenaline EXCUSE ME Going back in again, go get your hearing checked if you aint feeling it Style worth a billion, flow worth a trillion seperate me from society (Gilligan) Cheif like an Indian wanted like dividends back on that goose and that hay and that hen again Im winning the women Im swimming in Asian and Irish and Black and Dominican You pussy niggaz cant fit in my Timbalands murdered the mic the booth is trembling AAGHH!! Hook They dig it, they dig it, they dig it, (they dig that) We did it, we did it, we did it, (we did that) You silly, you silly hoes With shitty, with shitty flows Fuck you and a million bars, bitch I got a trillion more 2nd verse by Emagin The Mastamind Masta Mind keep it breezy from sundown to sun up Lyrics make you crawl away if ever you run up Know that you get done up your girl go down when she come up I give her two thumbs up, ice her down and make her numb up I be on that shaggy shit, where is scooby doo at? Mystery & injury I got them sayin WHO DAT? Oh that be that new cat female dogs bark and roo at More bars than San Quentin just listen cuz I can prove that A Lyrical miracle Im so hysterical, you talking money then yes I am here with you, Im feeling spiritual "PRAISE THE GAME!!" and if you broke, then no I Aint hearing you, the hottest around and cant nobody stop it, you thinking you better I dare you to top it, my pockets got profit "UNLIMITED CHANGE" Dipping in benjamins forever gaupping, I hop in my chevy and call my partner IMMO, say homey whats happening and what you getting into? He said a Couple breezies and a pound of that indo, I said 'there it is! Its going down thats a 10-4!! LIKE MY STYLE Produced by Eddie Versatile Featuring T.C. (1st verse by Immo Stax) I come through like missiles out the clouds When I'm rolling by your house you won't even hear your TV from your couch I.M.M.O. I'm done with balling my name in the hall of fame While they playing I'm in the skybox coaching changing the game Floating floating like the globe, g-g-gone like the 80's Tilting back like the axis I can't tell you why they hating Never do no ifs or maybes, unlike the likes of fools I aint make them more pathetic than they been already proved Lames Can't be feeling us.... Cuz they aint real enough Want to see me broke? Tell that to this know I'm holding up Better yet my wallet oh wait, shawty they dead If they wasn't still no discussion they all got big heads Get yours, cuz ima get mine, broads running up to me like marathon finish lines Official like certificates & I'm on my over-grind Immo, Eddie and TC we going in like overtime I aint lying Hook I know you hating on me just cuz you like my style You know you hating on me just cuz you like my style Say it you hating homie you know you like my style, I know you like my style, you know I shut it down 2nd verse by TC White walls on that Caddy no dueces I'm riding clean Friday night I'm at the crizib, but ready to hit the scene Grab my hoodie and my chucks now I'm hitting the road I take a step out of the crib and think of the life that I live I know they talking down but that's just how it is Business they gets none of mine because I Pay them no mind You see I'm different than most, where I will you just wont I get it cracking what's happening I let you know that fasho Put your hand on My hustle I think you should just let go & I don't dance in the club, I'm posted up at the bar UGK off in my system so I'm bobbing my head & I don't really give you attention if you talk too much You see I'm young with it, but I like that old school I like them old Chevrolets and them caddy coupe devilles Until I hurt your feelings from calling you out on your trends I'm giving lessons on thursday I think its best you attend... WATCHOUT Produced by K Tek We is what it is in the south Fuck what you talk like a dick in your mouth I improved anything I thought & I lecture leaders, BITCH you lost?? How you gonna stop what dont know how to halt? How you gone block what cant be caught? 4.3 speed but I creep like smoke 12 ride d's we shop lo pro So forget what you thought I aint nothing like yall never cuff no broad never call no laws I mob on the corner, dont mug getting drug is made to order Goin half on a bag better yet a quarter Two gimps at the cribs with a camcorder Grillz dreads thoroughbreds lacs & chevys Pull up on another freak cuz I gotta get it I aint gotta say Im real I know Im ready Ima get over whether or not you thought you Would let me if you think you can stop me, stop it, Pleeease, think of another topic I.M.M.O. STAX Hook I AM (that truth) YOU AINT (gonna break) I CAN (go hard) YOU CANT (relate) I DID (that shit) YOU DONT (know bout) I WILL (go back) YOU WONT (still doubt) Yall best WATCHOUT!! Im the real niggaz shit spitter give them what the business is You aint real until you realize who the realest is After the fact nigga saying what he coulda did What he shoulda did, never said what he woulda did Wanna know about what a true G do? Turn off your mouth bitch look that the news The majority of niggaz like me either dead or behind bars That aint stop shit hell it aint just start Bar none, aint none equivalent to par Flow from the veins to the pen but it pump From the heart, from the jump I start The beginning of the finishing off, any nigga Who pretending he boss Against all odds Ima take all best, coming from a small city called Take respect, make threats face regret In the face of death, too many niggaz aint on they job Probably the reason so many broads like broads Do cardds pick champs or do champs pick cards? Straight off the Hen, high off the purp still down for the cause Better get yall mind right Lot of niggaz wanna be boss Lot of niggaz front and be false Lot of niggaz floss And they Talk And the lost in the head, but them mothafuckaz bout to get taught YOU SHOULD KNOW Produced by Jerry Smith Imagine being stuck in maze, finally make it to the end to learn you trapped in a cage True they hear your cries, who gone feel your pain We live to see the sun but don't grow with no rain Forever never existed... we all wished it & yea it sound good so its much worth the mention Daybreak, nightfall, dreams of time pending It feel sleep and afterlife might have some co-existence, I, close my eyes, picture us in the sky Us dancing on a cloud together feeling the vibe, I'm grateful for the fact I ever met you at all, & I'm glad for every time that I was by your side, We was dead before we was born, it didn't hurt then, So dont be scared, just wish this wasnt half of the end When you make it up to heaven let me know that you straight Cuz when I get there you gone have to meet ya boy at the gate (chorus) It ain't no question what you mean to me, If you go, I'll make it so you live through me, It ain't no question what you mean to me, & you should know, I ain't no question what you mean to me, When you gone, Ima make sure you here through me, It ain't no question what you mean to me, & you should know I wonder how feels to die, turn around and wonder why I'm still alive Don't be surprised if you hearing what what you feeling inside When its time we can't hide, why try & why lie, I got no fear of death approaching me But its hard to break the fear of losing those who close to me I found the reason we lost and found searching What would happen if you knew purpose of Purpose at birth, whats your worth? Life isnt lost by death Rather by the wasted moments inbetween our first and last breath & when it comes down to it, we all selfish If us dont teach to the world to heal it self, we all helpless.... If I could take your pain I would make the world hurt For a second, then take it back and ask them what they learned I guess the best is yet to come, why it remains unseen, thats why you gotta close your eyes to dream... Im bringing my brother HOME, regardless of who/what gets in my way. Miss you Jo THATS ME Produced by Eddie Versatile Featuring Hectic Da Backpacka (chorus) (Immo) Who that nigga that be all through the slums Shawty realer than they come Thats me, Thats me (Hectic) Who that G bout to leave with your baby mamas keys Thats me, (thats who?) Thats me (Immo) Im off the block like a sprinter, old school young nigga what it does Ask me, Ask me (Hectic) Yea I get it yea I got  if you want to know about it Ask me (ask who?) Ask ME (1st verse by Hectic Da Backpacka) When I combine the ryhmes with the beats My flows touch your soul like massaging your feet But Im a seasoned vet so when its time for the beef I slice bitch mc's like rice krispies treats Why waste my time battling you Cuz you suck and swallow like after you chew Youll never see me like a le vatican Jew You hold a sign up in the street 'will be a faggot for food NIGGA!! You aint learning at all, bitch I fathered you I remember when you was just a sperm in my bawllls LISTEN, you a little nigger, where you from you gotta concentrate to be black You'll NEVER be a real nigga RIP-SHIT-TOLOGY!! The art of dissing niggaz Your wrist is in this position cuz this is your disposition I wish you disappear like a fucking magician I  make a nigga catch go cuz he a busta like Winston, HUAH!!! (2nd verse by Immo Stax) Killer tsunami flow on who square and dry Lies you telling aint worth the mention PAY ATTENTION try To pry the lock you see my choke on the G is airtight Coaster rhyming move you up and down like some stair flights Flying down 85 tearing up the concrete My skills make me pity you, might just let you hoes breath, Naw I changed my mind, bombing dummies out the gate Bitch they need a Richter scale to measure anything I say Immo kick it with the monsters, roll with the rollaz Yea I know the ropes and I aint into tying hoes up Rather let them stroll once the slide of the pole Keep it moving when you pose, GRIM HUSTLE is the mode Broke the game and change the mold Shitting on them like commodes Your style older than mold catch up with me man CMON One nigga with the heart of 300,000 Spartans I sip beats for breakfast and my money get up for me every morning WATCH ME DO MY THANG Produced by Kill Bill Productions Featuring Kill Bill Nitemare Verse 1 (Immo Stax) Monkeys try my style I just pull out another from the vault Immo colder than the artic you retarded dropping salt King demeanor by default, reason being IM the boss Bring that on watch I go off, why be false Im who the truth She tell me I love you booo!! I tell her I LOVE ME TOO But what the fuck does what the hell Im doing got to do with YOU??? I aint blind I just dont care what beef is coming to Hope whatever coming know what its about to run into Flexing on my team is like shaving with guillotines I dont see no competition how could I when Im in the lead When it comes to these streets, you can leave these suckaz no chance Do unto others before they do unto your ass Thinking Kill Bill and Immo Stax aint just demolish ya? Then clearly you a fucking nut your mama should have swallowed ya I step up to the mic turn off the lights and let you know the truth Immo Stax snapping back to back like photoshoots (Kodak) Verse 2 (Kill Bill) Everybody wanna talk about that struggle and muscling, Fuck em bruh Gotta do it for my dawgs, and my real outlaws Bitch im finta get up in em and ill tear shit up I'm gonna wear this up, while I tear this down Haters never come around on my side of town I'm talking my mess while I'm wilding out Screaming fuck the police, while I'm wilding out, now Bitch I'm just beasting, my speakers be beating it Pussy I'm beating, ya girl she be tweaking That might be the reason I'm fucking her, reefer is needlessly leaking On through her skull piece, I'ma come through and just blow my mind out Riding in an old chevy impala, chop off the top and roll them nines out I'm on my A Game, Flow so Amazing Feed off ya mang's pain, soul shackled like chain gangs I fuck up they brains, like wetter on the overdose The Blade will make em freeze, the Beretta leave em comatose Bitch I'm just so Boro hoe, If they tricking off I tell em get up out my borough hoe I'm screaming Boro city till my death up in this bitch knuckle up, be a man and bring ya weapon in this bitch, like... Verse 3 (Immo stax) In my hood where Im from, nobody go hard like us but us I bend these streets, I roll this bud, cuz being at the top aint high enough But if I had one weakness it, would be that I have no weaknesses But haters peeped that I keep improving now they want to worry about what Im doing Trying to get my foot in the door, NOT, Im kicking that shit off like the S.W.A.T.S Life is a bitch this game full of hoes, and everyone of they ass better have my dough Going all out I am all in, like floating grenades that have no pin So much style you ask I lend, filthy they love to bite what I spit Hataz be on some transvestite shit, every time you look niggaz want to be a bitch Stick and stones will break your bones, but stax got hands that will crack your dome How could my foes, step on my toes, when Im ten steps ahead all of those Rose up from the East like the Sun, alpha male and yall niggaz just runts Everybody balling everybody tricking, Immo dont give hoes pennies on Christmas Lames want to be like us but they aint, hataz want to fuck with us but they cant Stupid nigga what the fuck did you think, I sleep but my money do not take breaks Hataz get dropped like my last court case Thats cuz they whole clique made of squares like crates!!! COMING THROUGH Produced By Eddie Versatile I dont know how to quit, I dont know how to fear I been through all of hell, thats just what got me here They fell of with they fads, we creeping on these crabs And bad chick will flag me down like this a taxi cab Silverado Im a 'flow master' on chevy pipes I let the window down and cruise under these city light Purp ignites, now we easing off the ash Getting blowed twice at once ;) and never easing off the gas Dont ask No question whose the best Cuz we are not the same Im like a ref I aint plaing I put you out the game And it aint no need to flex cuz he forever keep it real Im one of the tillest street niggaz that will ever live And I aint ask for shit, Im taking over bruh Cuz if I cant have that shit then what the fuck they made it for?? Stax make the largest, no hating blocking my progress Iam higher than my IQ, laying lower than carpet Hook Im what they aint Wishing they could power up but they cant I dont ever give a fuck what you say Better stay the fuck out my face All of my niggaz down to ride, Always And I aint into backing down, that wont change Real niggaz in the street know my name Better stay the fuck out my lane Im coming through like... Whats beef? Beef is a publicity stunt For bitch niggaz to front about drama they dont want You aint grinding you lying that means you flaugin not balling But if you killed yourself bitch you wouldnt have that problem Half the problem with the games is that these niggaz aint snapping The other half whoever lame ass keep playing these bastards Man these lames got the games fucked up If you aint saying nothing nigga shut the fuck up You aint got shit, you aint bout shit Plus you aint known to ride unless you on a nigga dick These tricks got habots resembling faggots Plus on top of that They stuck biting each other like a jar full of maggots If money the discussion, Im a top notch scholar If I wanted I could hsutle you out of your last dollar Knowledge is what I offer you, payup is what you oughta do Promise you, your boy could sell nut to a prostitute I bought your album, I want my money back A waste of fucking time, I should have bought a sack I threw it on the ground putting dirt where it go at When you see me throw me a dub, nigga you owe that What I want with a tattoo? Bitch I got scars Drawing on yourself aint never made a nigga hard Niggaz want to be cute, I thought that was for women Tight pants and accessories, whats next, extensions??? Eddie V dropped the beat and now the whole world feel it I stand in one spot and make the whole world hear me Immo get it cracking, yea they love the way this sounds Im just stating the basics, you dont want to see me clown These simps want to be thugs shut it down that shit is tired Before you try me, find the beest writer you could hire Cuz Im going in raw like Im fresh up out of rubbers And I aint hard, minus my muscle, flow, dick, and knuckles A1 Produced by Eddie Versatile (Chorus) Anytime a nigga see me, stroll up Keep a lighter on me full time, roll up After this I need to get one, more blunt Matter fact I think I got some, on tuck Pour a cup and hand it over here, now hit this It will make you start floating, then drift Elevated like the top floor, Im A1 Weed bag getting empty, cuz I aint done   Re up on another bag, then slide out You aint even gotta ask me, I high, Nigga you could never get no, higher, you should come and fuck with our, supplier Tilting like a slant, keep green like a plant aint no type I can inhale, fuck with nothing dry & stale Negative on the sale, hell nah, not ya boy Shop for it wholesale, coming straight from the source Chill kick back cool out and count it up/ what Im rolling too sticky Just get the blade and chop it up Burning that tropical just a part of my city life True Atlanta city type, show you what my city like Everywhere I go Im high or burning green Thing is, I be all the places you cant be Whip gliding down the street, bogard lanes with ease Putting traffic in the breeze, light it on up and breathe Im coolin, dont keep asking me why I smoke In case you aint notice, I never ask why you dont I be super duper high, super stupid high Smoke so many blunts at night man I wake up fried They say Im under the inlfuence thats making me wonder Im high as a motherfucker what you mean by under?? My league of tree certified and official No inspection necessary nigga go get the swisher YUP, I be smoking, YUP, I be drinking, BUT, I rotate them both so I never get addicted Remember my first bag, burnt it down to the last Then went and bought me a book, on how to grow me some plants Fuck it Roll up another one, just like the other one Fall through the block again Im posted with my partna nem Roll that shit shawty match that shit, pass that shit nigga thats that shiiit!! HIGH RIGHT NOW (Interlude) All voices performed by IMMO STAX Going to the store cuz I gotta get a blunt Got some purple haze and Im bout to smoke it up Alcohol Pussy and Weed- Im on drugs And I cant quit cuz I cant WIN if I give up So Roll it on up, burn it on down Pour another cup, till its all out Do a lot of drugs, have a lot of fun We dont drink and rive, we pull over till we done Cuz Im High right now Im so HIGH RIGHT NOW Oh my nigga IM SO MOTHAFUCKING HIGH RIGHT NOW Gotta put the visine in my eye right now CUZ I SEE THE POLICE RIDING BY RIGHT NOW HIGHT RIGHT NOW, IM SO HIGH RIGHT NOW Oh my nigga IM SO MOTHAFUCKING HIGH RIGHT NOW Bad ass chick in my eye right now So I gotta pull over and bust it down right now HEYYY-EY-EYYYYY...... DA DA DAAA...... WOO SAH Produced by Eddie Versatile 1st verse by Emagin The Mastamind Why is everybody is staring at me Like they got a fucking problem If you got it, then talk to me, To keep it real you dont want no beef With a crazy mothafucka want some drama Then walk to me, you'll crawl back Best fall back, AK's and Chevrolets I got all that Where your dogs at, call them up quick Cuz you keep talking Ima have to toss you up quick You dont want the goons in your house Watch what you do best watch your mouth, well see who standing up when its all fall down, when its life or death, who you gonna call now, quite plain and simple you aint on my level, You trying to raise hell, you gone meet the devil, Im never gonna settle so call me a rebel Ima pull out the metal and let the thing go BLAOW!! So much mothafucking ana right now, bout to set this thing off knock a nigga lights out, throw his ass in the street, better hope its nice out pipe down, if you dont want to end life now like wow, like Pac said hit them up, jump too quickt his nigga get stuck, thats the consequence you owed for getting buck, cuz I aint never ever been known to give a fuck Hook Woo Sah Mothafucka 2nd verse by Immo Stax Tired of getting tired of these mothafuckers for the last time fuck it IM bombing bucking and slushing these gimmicks out, I can feel it in my veins something missing out my brain, you underestimating to say that IM only insane, at any moment shit change and all it take is a blink to miss whenever I swing, cant nobody intervene when Im rushing at your head, and any mothafucker trying to hold me back is next what you know about going in, nothing you can do contends, I dont back down from no one or nothing so whein its on, Im stumping niggaz thats for nothing at the end cuz I knock bitch nigga out with the first hit go off with no sirens, and make your skull ring, bring some niggaz with you when I see you nigga please, whup your ass so bad it makes you fake death and leave pack up your shit and move, if you want to rick a permanent bruise fuck with your boy 3rd verse by Emagin and Immo Stax Whats that voice in my head Dont even listen to them they eveil dont believe them you should listen to me instead, want to hit this blunt? Naw dog Im cool cuz tomorrow I got school but you know I'll hit it once, what Im doing with this bag? Oh that? put that under the seat, grab a towel and wipe the blood off the dash we gonna hit the strip club? But my nigga for what, see the real question is, how my windshield bust??? Damn it did... I aint even notice What you mean you aint notice You aint feelt he wind blowing? Man you high you tripping & you aint tie up they feet I hear them back there kicking What you did with my scalpel... Why you got a scalpel, this shit is not happening Im finna start snapping!! Why you running red lights? Cuz we running late, its time for these mothafuckers to get it, man it aint no other way See I told them not to push me, warned them not to test me No matter who they send for me they cant catch me No suffering affects me, time to put an end to this dream again Hand me the box off the back seat!! I think I just lost my mind Im over the boiling point lets see, after all this time, I just realized AINT NOBODY HERE BUT ME..... PUT YOU ON GAME Produced by Eddie Versatile Dont be scared be ready, fate aint holding you steady Dont regret where you headed who let it go there I could run a thousand in your shoes and be nowhere Addiction to a sin of destruction dont get you nothing but stuck Figure what s the cause of your struggle Whats the goal of your hustle Why you live how you living when feeling your soul is troubled Dependent upon deception its powers greater than many Faith knowledge and wisdom is power greater than any Still, its clear to me to see how you feel like you need it Tomorrow promised to be here, you aint promised to see it is you? Easily we forget not to stress whats ahead Problems following everybody living till they dead, and yea (hook) I can show you bout the block I show you bout the gutter, Ill show you bout the top I show you about the scece, I show you about the G's where we put you on game, let me put you on game come on, follow me I can show you about the block Ill show you bout the work, Ill show you about the stocks I put you on the squad, I let you do your thang let me put you on game, where we put you on game cmon He from beatings with switches extension cords and belts He from hide and go get it, he from living through hell He from them food stamp books, used to rip out 50's Tried to sell the for forty, ending up taking some twenties He from jumping off the porch, Stealing out the store Wearing hand me down clothes that was mostly full of holes He from 'throwem up, bustem up, if they buck then knuckle up Taught if its 100 of them dont go out giving up From no air in the summer, from no heat in the winter He from scraps for dinner, left home with a temper From not having a father, ran with brothers and sisters From getting kicked out of EVERY school he EVER entered You tying to leave the hood, Im trying to get the DEED Im mentally uncharted spawning from another breed You say you going in? We here and aint no room between They locked Jo and I aint stopping till he freed Its ironic how the hottest flow ever is a raw blessing Im chopping like machetes, frigid as the arctic desert Im working for myself so I pay me to be me Explosive and abrupt/Sometimes I can even keep up Faith hope and hustle divided by time plus tax Minus all the nonsense equals IMMO STAX Multiplied by 36 equals each verse on this track For those that fell behind, that means I snap every line LOW KEY Produced By Eddie Versatile I know real niggaz, the REAL real niggaz Witness protection aint shit, bitch we still get you You was meant to be a bitch and I can prove it I'll come and stomp your ass at your familiy reunion A blunt in my hand, one in my ear, Im too hood Nah I dont swear Im the shit, but YOU SHOULD Cant slow down I gotta go see my P.O. today before 5, and Im HIGH RIGHT NOW Internet geeks trying to be thugs, bruh stop You couldnt look hard if Viagra made eye drops And pussy nigga why your pants so tight?? You gonna catch a yeast infection, you the reason hoes dykes Crime definitely pays, only if you get away Im never confessing even if they got me on tape I put together potent formulas like alchemist Im way too advanced like and infant tutoring calculus Hook Im low key, Low Key, Keep my name out your mouth if dont know about me For real, Im low key Low key Never sleep on a grip Grim hustling for keeps I chill, we low key Low Key But could mob like a herd, better yet a stampede My streets, we low key Low Key Keep my name out your mouth if you dont know about me I dont do it for the fame I aint fucking with you lames I do it to sparks brains Of niggaz who in the same Position from where I came Regardless what you claim Every slums is the same Only difference is the names K-H-A-R-Y + I = THE 1 x 2 BOTH carried the nine after school Surprise he alive The one you thought you killed Im avoiding nothing but doubt Squashing nothing but guilt Be ready My struggle, my muscle, my hustle, picture which the hardest I got three brothers with robbing, slanging, and murder charges Sharks dont share waters with guppies We more like viscious pits in the land of bitches nad puppies Off the chain and hungry I woke up this morning focused Knowing I gotta take it cuz the world dont owe me And nah, I aint never ever thought I was hard But before I be scared, Promise Id rather be dead I hold it down like mass times gravity Battling me will shame your whole family IMMO out the belly of the beast So they know me as the shit Ryhmes designed for takeoff Just like flight strips Got the world in my grip And thats just how I play it I aint gotta kill a nigga I make him wishe he was dead Me with no bread like tires with no tread Slick as fuck Ready and willing to catch you slipping up Now you can run bitch And you can hide too But eventually you will stop And Ima find you Im back on the block with my back to the globe And I cant go soft, Im too mothafucking cold Aint no realest shit I ever wrote Cuz every time I speak, its the truest shit I ever spoke What, you aint know? I aint mean to be stopped, Im a bad motherfucker My mama told me I shot through two rubbers RIGHT HERE Produced By Eddie Versatile When you think about me... SAY WHAT COMES TO MIND When you talk about me... LOOK ME IN MY EYES You a busta to us until youve proven otherwise Little niggaz follow my words like single file lines Im the TRUTH, Not just because I write without lying, I could go tomorrow I left what not dying I breathe life back to hip hop without trying Roaming combing the streets witha drank and weed combined Yea me and my niggaz smoke, but you aint gotta ask us I walk around on grass like tresspassers Flow out the valley of the shadow of death Creeping at the speed of dark to chooke you ouit of your breather Why rap? I know I got a slick ass mouth, Plus the fact I know my mama want a big ass house Man Im done for whatever long as cheddar come out But otherwise I dont hear that shit you talking about Hook When that money come in then IMa be right there Cuz when you out hustling IMa be right there The grind is what keep us alive its like air You aint gotta ask me, Ima be right there Verse 2 Im stop snapping when Bin Laden get elected as our president Or Bill Gates credit check scores is in the negatives Ima a potent sedatvie to your mind, it aint fair Cuz yall niggaz dumber than pedals on wheelchairs Get to guessing if you dont get me Immo aint never left my hood, I brought it with me They dont like how we living, trying to cave our world in We never got to be kids I been a grown man since I came in Facing judgement like we aint been through enough And it wasnt cuz we was different, wasnt cuz we didnt listen Its more like cuz we was gifted with heart, cunning, and spirit When they world gave me lemons, I didnt make lemonade I added baking powder and turned them into grenades And threw them back in their face, Im burning harbals to take The world off of my nerves Smash bad chicks But my money coming first So Ima get it for certain Bridge This real shit, I speak for my block They say its all about location, Im putting myself on the top Here I go, now what you want ANTIHERO Produced By Eddie Versatile Featuring Eddie Versatile Who's to blame Who's to judge Who's for hate Who's for love Who's with them Who's with us Who could say Who's to trust I could beef with millions and never be scared of none I was born outnumbered 7 billion to one And all I got is the one Ima trust A lot of fakers keep loving to hate him cuz they hanging on him too much And for what? Im focused on mine, Stax on my mind so my  time falling victim to my grind My flow is how it go nothing more nothing less Lames is germs to me and they never get respect Bottom line, do what you gotta do Everything I can gain is way too much to lose I see too many playaz get played to be a fool So dont hate me I could never hate you Nothing but GOD allowing me to be harmed Cant nothing but GOD stike fear in my heart Who got beef with me, bring it straight to me You aint stopping my dough so what you jocking me for? You want it you gotta make it, if I need it I take it Aint no time to be wasted so I aint never hating Time dont erase a hustle it replace it Or drop it on the shoulders of fallen soldiers replacements Best of the few left first of my kind Of the recruits of mine Im worst up in line got mine you could hate thats fine but what you or me will never do is waste my time Never said Im hard but my game is erect I aint asking for nothing that especially respect No concern for society view Individuals assume what society do When its all said and done it comes to be The only authority over me is GOD Before you talk about balling talk about them little kids starving While you throwing away half the plate you ate now Say Americas great just to rub it in they face When they beg for help tell them you cant Wanna talk pimping? Talk about them prisoners of war that are women Pedophilia chumps putting bids on the children or about the fact that don show up in the news as a billion dollar business Wanna talk hustling? Easy. The topic is the government Yelling democracy, really who really run it? Turncoat if you dont remain dumb, who do you really blame Who do you really trust Wanna talk haters, lets talk about PETA Think you dont really care, lets talk about FEMA Before you talk pain, talk about babies born with aids headed straight to the grave from the fetus BLOWING UP MY PHONE Produced By Eddie Versatile I was about to pick it up Then again Im like FOR WHAT?? This the reason I change my nuber every other month You need to get off my nuts I can see you calling ONCE But you act like twenty times in a row aint too much Fuck it Call a couple more times, that mioght get you some luck Like I really want to have a conversation about nothing Man I done had enough So Ima keep it blunt, you can leave it at the BEEP Ima check it if I want Dont feel left out, cuz it aint just you I'll ignore the next ten people calling me too I be busy, for real I dont care if you believe it You get mad watch how fasdt your number will get deleted Im ignoring all pages, blocking all texting I saw your caller ID, I cant wait to hear your message You calling me and calling me but I dont give a damn Cuz MY NEW RINGTONE IS THAT MOTHERFUCKING JAM!!! IT GO LIKE Hook (I Know) You aint talking bout shit And truth be told I dont even want to hear it Cuz I know (I know) You just blowing up my phone But I aint witht eh bullshit, gone head on What I know (I know) You aint talking bout nothing Flexing, flaughin, lying and you fronting and I know (I know) You just blowing up my phone But really I aint with it bitch, gone head on Ooo weee you a lame motherfucker Now you *67 like I dont know its your number I dont care how you doing, you aint saying nothing funny I cant give you no ride and I dont owe you no money But even if I did, you wouldnt ever get it Cuz by now you owe me for wasting my damn minutes Man your ass need a break, your ass need a hobby But when I catch up with you bitch your ass gonna be sorry For real, try your luck one more call Ima write down your number on some bathroom stalls Or put it on Craigslist with different broads pictures And tell them all they gotta do is 'hit you' to get with you This your last warning IM TELLING you not to bother me Or get your ass kicked for electronically stalking me done with being paitent I got a habit of snapping When I see you Ima take your phone and throw it into traffic Stupid bitch OFF THE CHAIN Produced By K TEK Capitol I double M, O he on fire If I aint the truth you a motherfucking liar I tear it up, from switching the lanes to hitting dames Chicks save my rubbers and hang them up in picture frames What I got, is what haters lack I spit writ it, re-did it and elevated ahead of the pack So you can say what you want as long ads you dont Ever feel like they fucking with STAX, get it right Im down for Eddie V, ride with Young B, mob with K TEK Best not mistake me for a joke, the last laugh is mine So when them nigga hating just tell them I said HA!! I, deliver packages subliminal, give them to criminals Cynical tricks witness a miracle every time Im ripping these syllables Spitting material never being fictional, pen like picasso's Im here to paint a picture so pay attention my ink is not refillable Painting all so called competition invisible to retreat before defeated is sensible Be tight as you want to be, next to me you looking pitiful The block could be hot anywhere that I go It dont really matter cuz I been this cold Dont talk to fast dont think too slow Im ten steps ahead of your best foot forward Down, to beat a nigga down for the cause I run with the vets, so aint no issue with your dogs And I never give a fuck about a snitch or the law I been on top of the block you will never see me crawl at all Down talking aint smart, shouldnt run your mouth to niggaz that break jaws this aint a fair fight, go get your dogs, And Im slap all yall till it sound like applause Hook Everywhere I go, I be off the chain with it, yea they know my name and it Dont matter where I roam, they gone put me on I be off the chain with, I do my thang and it Dont matter where I roam, Everywhere I go I be off the chain with it, yea I do my thang and it Dont matter where I roam, they gone put me on, I be off the chain with it, yea they know my name and it Dont matter where I go I seen a couple of struggles and shrugged them off like its nothing not what I been through but where Im headed the reason Im hustling And half of me dont give a fuck, the other dont give a shit & I aint got time to sit here to see which half of me wins Out of hope out of luck, Im not for looking for help Why put my back on the wall, and assume I dont know its there? I Grind 24/7/12/365 what makes it more even/odd thats how often haters jock. My hood boasting more liquor stores than libraries educating the youth is another burden that I carry Scary when I think of the true power that I inherited Many before me had it and I watched them waste and bury it Carry that on my shoulders so its always in mind Motivation weighed down on negative, that part of me died Martin Luther King had a dream, Immo Stax got the plan Im changing the game and history but never who I AM STAX on the block with his hat tipped low Like I work in a bank vault, Im getting to the dough Foes like candles put out with one blow Respect is not a choice dont raise your tone Not a shit starter but soon as the shit start, I rip the shit apart Bitch you aint hard ME? NO FEAR, 100% HEART, I drag you out your house And stomp you in the yard Face mop the deck from pulling your own card I choke hold throats and launch niggaz like darts I love going creeping I be waiting for some fog I whup ass for cash I be waiting for you calls 590-0775, my packages start off at 29.99 What it is, what it do, what the fuck bitch niggaz who is YOU? Niggaz want to go to war... NEW INFANTRY Produced By Eddie Versatile Waste not want not beef rarely ever squashed Thinking I aint got it locked the dumbest thing you ever thought, Made it cuz my brain is more elevated than astronauts Old school chevy floating on the like Im on a yatch Im diagnosed with a case of hustlerism & all these lumps in my pockets another one of the symptoms I aint lied naan line aan ryhme, re-designed the game IM the greatest creation since time You hate, you out of place like bikes on highways & headed the wrong way like third to first base, got the hen, the hay, the goose and the haze A coupe full of chicks headed back to my place The brick you was throwing at me how my foundation was made Immo steady laying low, but much attention is paid Haters stumble on yall aint making stax mad, have the last word Ima take the last laugh Hook This is for the hood, the thugs, the G's, the hustlaz The infantry so deep united cant nobody touch us, cant nobody buck Aint it clean aint it tight, yea thats what I like Aint it fresh aint it right, dig, this just my life & if you really want to know fasho, what I think about you the truth is I dont I wont Im holding it down for the cause all out Cuz it aint no point in paper if you on the wrong route Dont never hate a hater never state a lame name I'll reach the top of this world before the top of my game They smile in your face, they clown when you gone You see they want to be you its theyself they hating on If you couldnt do it for me, you wouldnt get it from me Stay on the grind my office hours is monday through monday True to the real, rude to the rest, through with the new introducing you to the next Make a bet if you doubting I could be legendary This ATL snap music no fingers neccessary Let me welcome you to where I do it, this is the metro Take them from the burbs to the trap to the ghetto Back to the block, the hood, the slums It aint really about where you from its what you done Money I get plenty thats in addition to many pros Call up your boy if you gone give or get me any more No I aint greedy I need to be getting richer If you dont get the picture, then I aint dealing with you you can trust it Weak mind hataz cant clutch it, its like the wind to them they feel it but cant touch it I hustle for my block like a fullback, cuz my hood stacked plus we got the whole hood backed Who function bringing repurcussions when you acting rougish G's make you respect it, balling bustaz pathetic Im pumping ice in my veins so whats a watch and a necklace TALK Produced By Eddie Versatile These the type of niggaz with more ho in them than bitches It dont take no gynecologist to see a straight up pussy Niggaz got it mistooken thinking they could fuck with the realest niggaz Off where Im living, they luck is what they pushing See that it be them same niggaz claiming they be running some shit That be the same lame niggaz quick to run a nd go snitch Act like a chump, mob with a squad of tricks  that run to they trunk, Scared to get they bitch ass kicked We too far, from the average of you faggoty fuckaz hiding in panic But run up talking that savage shit with your clique And Ima state it plain and simple as this, If you aint making no moves, niggaz stop moving your lips And fuck you squad go and call them hoes Im be dropping NIGGA, after NIGGA like yall NIGGAZ was some dominoes Ima grim hustla, chin busta Giving no respect to these punk motherfuckers These niggaz talk like a gangsta, act like a BITCH (these lames faking perpetrating thinking they some G's Talk like a gangsta, act like a trick (you might fool them but you cant fool me when you) Talk like a gangsta, act like a bitch (wanna know about G's, get jump your ass in the street) Talk like a gangsta, you motherfucking snitch It whatever whenever forever whoever you be Stop Lying Stop Fronting, keep it real for real People slow bout it to notice but I know what it is Ima tell you like I been told once Never believe these hoes and niggaz because niggaz and hoes front Flexing round your homies probably get your ass kissed That flexing round here, get that ass hit for licks for kicks Correct your thoughts you got yourself bent When I say that you aint shit, take that as a compliment I aint came here to judge, you a thug, be a thug You a chump, be a chump, You a punk, be a punk If you G, keep it G, shawty do what you must You lame, be lame, just stay the fuck away from us Being fools, shawty we keep it true, Cuz imitating greatness, dont make nothing but fake shit And no I am not hating, Im just stating the facts You hating what Im stating, bitch my city on the map Come and see me if you talking UGLIEST GIRL (interlude) When I see you, I see the ugliest girl of all, And I seen gorillaz I seen chewbaccaz I even seen KING KONG but looking at you I see the ugliest girl of all, your mama was Medusa your daddy was King Koopa (Mario Bros) and you. one. ugggly. broad Man that girl look like a wombat, had a baby with Goro from Mortal Kombat she walked up to my car and made eye contact I ran away from my car and I didnt come back, NO that girl smell like mop water I wanna dump a bunch of bleach and Pine Sol on her not even making it up, it was that bad she be itching and twicthing its cuz she got crabs EWW, GROSSS I would never date her even if she was the last girl on earth still I dont understand she got an attitude I always thought that ugly people supposed to be COOL her body is an oild drum not a coke bottle she gonna be americas next NOT model like a missed field goal shawty no good simply put, the girl look like UUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! KICK & A TICK Produced by Eddie Versatile Treat beef like food fights, Im a cannibal Everywhere I go I show my ass, Im an animal If you ill, promise Immo breathing the anicdote Its all natural, aint no preservatives or additives Calling all audibles, shots play and laterals Flow get gone quicker than suckaz jumpy like antelope You should check into the fact that I.M.M.O. is an acronym I pull up in the buggy and Im bagging them Take them to the movies and Im asking them "How you getting in???" Never in my life tried to flex for a chick WHY? Cuz I dont need money to use my dick Got CD's you think Im talking about discs NOPE Product of the block, disciple of Mon & Yea Screaming free my brother Jo or Ima dismantle the gates Im Martin Luther's DREAM Scorch the mic when I breathe Make green like photosynthesis Im killing it, & Hook I just need a kick & a Tick Everything between really dont mean shit I just need a kick, & a Tick Now tell me who you know that put it down like this   I got the best business plan ever We harass your bill collectors And if you got credit, we go fuck with your boss You work for yourself? We'll stalk your in-laws But if you like your family, we'll go bother your neighbors We also beat your kids and beg homeless people for change cuz It dont matter how you hustling the end result is the same You be swearing you fly, in real life you a lame Thats the definition of a fucking bird brain I came out the bottom like a leak in a bottle I steamed up to the top and never let off the throttle They saying DAAAAAMNNN, I never seen you act like that Well never get me pissed off and bitch that wasn't no 'act' I had a rich chick she aint really have no rhythm had a hood chick gold grillin in the dentals I been through every flavor like I ate a pack of skittles cuz borads on my balls like Im the only nigga with them Hear the kick, & the tick, everything between really dont mean shit Preciatons to Eddie Versatile, Ike Boogie, Emagin the Mastamind, T.C., K Tek, Tamica Meeks & The Caine Family, Joseph Reynolds, & everyone else who has ever supported Immo Stax.
  1. Trillion More
  2. Like My Style
  3. Watchout
  4. You Should Know
  5. Thats Me
  6. Watch Me Do My Thang
  7. Coming Through
  8. A1
  9. High Right Now
  10. Woo Sah
  11. Put You On Game (Streetlights)...
  12. Right Here
  13. Antihero
  14. Off The Chain
  15. New Infantry
  16. Talk
  17. Blowin Up My Phone
  18. Ugliest Girl
  19. Low Key
  20. Kick & A Tick
Worst of Both Worlds Cover
  • Worst of Both Worlds
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
  • Immo Stax
  • 02/29/2012
  • Worst of Both Worlds
Liner Notes: Immo Stax For President
  1. Go (clean)
  2. Ovadose (feat. B, Karlito & Meta4)...
  3. All I Want (clean) (feat. Emagin Da Mastamind)...
  4. Takin It (Clean)
  5. Put It Down (feat. Jp Da Jackpot)...
  6. Quit Hating (Clean)
  7. Who (clean)
  8. Jo (interlude)
  9. Knee High (feat. Tc Chevy)...
  10. Gas Station
  11. Evil Twin
  12. Your Picture (clean)
  13. Bang Bang Skeet Skeet
  14. Whut It Duz
  15. Dogs Like To Fight
  16. Worst Of Both Worlds
  17. Ashy Pimpin (So Black So Ashy) (clean)...
  18. Skater's Anthem (clean) (feat. Ben Jammin)...
  19. Fantasy (clean)
  20. Drop (clean)
  21. Whut (clean)
  22. Stick Your Finger Out (clean)...
  23. Drowned Out