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ImRam Music

ImRam Music

Imram is a unique mixture of a musician, yoga master and a healer in one man. Imram was born in the south of Russia in a beautiful place surrounded with mountains. When he was a child he studied playing piano and guitar. Imram has written his first work for piano when he was only 7 years old. “I’ve been hearing Music since I can remember myself, it sounded from nowhere and from everywhere, and, being a child, I couldn’t understand why others couldn’t hear it” , says Imram.

Imram’s works have this special style, first of all it is a combination of classical instruments, modern sounds and ethnic voices. Each track carries an Idea and is created in a manner of musical narration. Imram’s music fascinates, one can hear in it unique recordings of shamans’ ritual singing, or the voices of northern folks, Yakuts and Yamals, elvish pipe or Indian tablas. Every track is a story, a dive into fairytale or a journey into the Country of Dreams.

In 2003 Imram has made his first pilgrimage to India where he took part in performances of Satia Sai Baba in Ashram. This trip was fateful and influenced Imram’s work greatly. Bhagavan Shri Satia Sai Baba blessed Imram to realize his creative potential. After immersion into Indian culture Imram’s music expanded and enriched itself with mantras and bhajans in modern arrangement. Studio albums “Seven’s Sorrow”, “Walking around in Circles”, “Divine Contact”, “Ever New Joy” and “Saishvari” were recorded.

“I sing for God, for God in each person. Every song is a joy that I want to share with listener, ever new joy”, says Imram.

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