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Innate Forte literally means “The Strength Within”, it represents the inner power that we all possess, it’s about accepting your destiny and never backing down when you truly believe in something.

Innate Forte, abbreviated as “INF,” consists of members Jareiq Kabara, Ryland Thompson and Shem Gordon, all born and raised in the city of London.

The group came together in 2003, prior best friends who shared a passion for music, with a vision to become one of the greatest groups in entertainment history.

Innate Forte developed their sound by studying the greats, inspired by the legends and the greats, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Usher and N’Sync, the group decided that they would relentlessly pursue their dreams, prepared to work harder than ever before.

In July 2003 the group flew to New York City where they met with Legendary producer Lee Evans, under Evans, the group learned the foundations of being true producers and songwriters, a lesson that landed them a series of Grammy submissions with leading independent label “Liquid Fusion Records” headed by hit producer Brewer Shettles.

After a year of steadily developing their craft, world-renowned vocal coach and producer, Jan Smith, invited Innate Forte to Atlanta, GA. Under Mama Jan’s tutelage the boys were groomed into musical and vocal greatness. Having worked with an array of superstar acts the likes of, Usher, Rob Thomas, Ciara, India Arie and Omarion to name a few – Jan had an expectance of nothing short of perfect and Innate Forte were ready to get there.

After a couple months of work, INF returned to London and continued building their musical catalog. They began working with producer Future Boy, raising their profile in their home city and throughout Europe. The group then embarked on a six-month tour of the continent, the journey took them throughout the UK, into Germany and ended in France. By the end of the tour the group had sold over 90,000 independent units of their promotional EP “D.T.R” (Destined To Rise).

The group returned to the USA, working with legendary producer Teddy Riley who fell in love with their ability as “dedicated and all the way-round artists”. Innate Forte continued their rigorous vocal program with Jan Smith and soon became the focus on every Executives desk. Jonnetta Patton, of J-Pat Management, mother and then manager of recording artist “USHER”, also saw the immense talent displayed by the group, Patton quickly took on management of the group and within a few days the group were presented with their first record deal.

Innate Forte began working on their debut album. An intense 16-hour day rehearsal and recording scheduled was put in place to prepare the boys for their first ever national promo tour. However, just one week before the single was scheduled for release, the entire deal took a turn for the worse. Fortunately, Innate Forte were left free to walk away from the deal, returning home to London.

Despite their disappointments, INF refused to give up. They continued building their fan base, escalating their presence through various social and online opportunities and by the Summer of 2008, Innate Forte had reached over 3.7 Million hits online, their YouTube presence had peaked at over 750,000 views and they were featured in blogs and articles all over the world, as far out as Turkey, Korea, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, The UK and The USA.

In March 2010, Innate Forte re-launched their official website www.innateforte.com -- receiving over 29,000 visits within 48 hours of the launch. It was officially time for a comeback. INF returned to the US, working with Creative Developments Executive; Joulles Wright, they continued working on their eagerly anticipated debut release.

“ It’s been a great journey, one day we’ll write a book and maybe even shoot a movie, but right now, we have one focus and that is to bring back truly unequaled entertainment. We started this and you better believe it’s not over till we finish it…”

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Thank U DJ Cover
  • Thank U DJ
  • Pop, R&B/Soul
  • Innate Forte
  • 02/10/2011
  • Thank U DJ
Liner Notes: (JAREIQ KABARA. RYLAND THOMPSON. SHEM GORDON) Published By The DVE GROUP Music. Produced by Ryland Thompson for Full Potential Music/Co-Produced by Travis Daniels for Sombretrace/ASCAP. Vocal Arrangement by Jareiq Kabara. Recorded at Trace Studios, Atlanta, GA. Mixed by Mark "EXIT" Goodchild, Milk Money Studios, Atlanta, GA.
  1. Thank U DJ