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Intelligence - Original Music from the TV Show

Intelligence Cover
  • Intelligence
  • Soundtrack
  • Watcher Films (II) Inc. / Schaun Tozer
  • 08/12/2008
  • Intelligence
Liner Notes: Currently airing in 140 countries, Intelligence just might be one of the best dramas on TV...and the music is first class - ALEX STRACHEN Intelligence is a superbly-crafted crime drama, with loads of action and layer upon layer of compelling intrigue....a cranked-up, speedy thriller that grabs you in the first few minutes and takes you on a wild ride - JOHN DOYLE How good is CBC's crooks-and-spies drama Intelligence? Good enough that one of its biggest U.S. fans is a former American Intel man... "What Michael Mann's Thief and Heat are to the heist, or David Simon's The Wire is to the drug culture, Chris Haddock's Intelligence is to, well, intelligence - MICHAEL WILSON
  1. Followed
  2. The Mexican
  3. Through the Sand
  4. Driving
  5. Bootsie Checks the Bag
  6. Interruptus
  7. He's an Example
  8. Jimmy Escapes
  9. Twitch & Shout
  10. Fish In the Tank
  11. Mustard No Mayo
  12. Sooner We Know
  13. Keypad
  14. Here We Go
  15. The Watcher