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Jawga Boyz

Jawga Boyz

The Jawga Boyz are a collection of good ole boyz led by lead vocalist D. Thrash. They have been doing the whole country rap thing LONG before it was cool. You could say they started this whole movement but havn't been getting the credit. They have underground CD's dating back to 2001 talking about being country and growing up in the woods. Many of todays country rappers, doing Hick Hop probably won't admit it, but the Jawga Boyz have helped pave the way for this new style to finally be accepted. Regardless, many can try to go the same route, but none can do it with the same style as the Jawga Boyz!

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Kuntry Cover
  • Kuntry
  • Country, Hip Hop/Rap
  • Jawga Boyz
  • 05/17/2011
  • Kuntry
Liner Notes:
  1. Dirty For Weeks
  2. Banks Of The River
  3. Rollin Like A Redneck
  4. Far From Over
  5. Keep Ridin On
  6. Ridin High
  7. The Day Is So Long
  8. All The Girls Wanna Ride
  9. Trip 2 Mexico
  10. Can't See My Paint Job
  11. Those Were The Days
  12. This Far
  13. Muddy Roads
  14. Stranger
  15. Look Inside Yourself
  16. Another Red Light
  17. Buckle Up Or Bow Down