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Artist Profile


Jaydin Christine

Before Jaydin Christine could walk or talk she was singing and dancing. Born in Chicago, IL was a girl who would soon discover her love for all things artistic and musical. Her first influences were her mother Zona, who was a modern, and ballet dancer and father Daniel who was a talented singer, songwriter, and performer. Many nights she would sing along with her father as he played his piano or dance with her mother in the kitchen. Throughout her high school years she joined the state champion choir. Her senior year she was chosen to travel abroad to Europe on a seven city tour as lead first soprano. This experience only fueled her ambition to be a performer. The following year she attended Illinois State University. Here she went to many open mics where she would sing herself written songs and underground dance spots where she would dance. Her love for the arts grew so strong that she decided to leave and go back home to pursue her dreams. She began teaching at several different dance schools around Chicago in 2002 all while continuing to write her music. She was a part of many different dance crews before, but in 2005 she joined “Flawless Dancers” where she met the director Cassiopeia Sledge. Flawless Dancers hosted a radio advertised fashion show where Jaydin performed as a solo artist. The response was so good that she began to sing in various clubs around the city of Chicago. Jaydin was asked to be an act in the “AIDS Awareness” concert along with Chicago’s own Mickey, Jonny P and Shorty K. In 2006 she was a background dancer for “MySpace Live” featuring Lupe Fiasco, Twista, and T.I. In June of 2006 she met the talented D1. These two had a love for each other and music and created a unique and timeless sound to compliment her voice. Jaydin Christine is currently a part of a 6 month showcase at the “Green Dolphin Street,” a venue where many great jazz and r&b vocalist have performed.