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Julie Day & Associates (JD&A)

Julie Day & Associates (JD&A)

Donating to worthy causes while promoting music and performance! Causes include: Children's Hospice/Johnny's Angels, Services for Brain Injury, Homelessness, & Our Climate. Associates include: Dedline, Noize, Grant Duncan, Billy Playle, Terry Burdette, Bob Hausler, Zahid Bashar Pankaj, and more...

We've composed in many genres: Rock, Pop, Alternative, New Age, Country, Americana, and more...

Riding Highways by Billy Playle and Julie Day benefits the homeless in Northern California with 80% of proceeds. Wild Heart gives 100% of proceeds to Services for Brain Injury. Please Join In!

A Special Thank you to andrewthomasphotography.com for providing the photo of an Old Chevy Biscayne for our Riding Highways EP.

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Wild Heart Cover
  • Wild Heart
  • Rock, Pop
  • Various Artists
  • 07/01/2012
  • Wild Heart
Liner Notes: Wild Heart is a compilation created specifically to raise funds for those with brain injury. 100% of proceeds from sales will go to Services for Brain Injury (SBI) www.sbicares.org. Wild Heart (the song written by Terry Burdette), was inspired by the true story of one soldier who did three tours of duty, and sustained brain injury as a result of fighting for his country. A Special Thank you to Terry Burdette & the Artclass at Metro Nashville Public Schools, who provided the artwork for Wild Heart! Julie Day is the lyricist for Whispering Wind, Driving Me Blind, and Got To Have You. Thank you to Cliff Goldmacher of Cliff Goldmacher Music Production for engineering/production on this album.
  1. On One Knee <span class="various">by Jeff Oster</span>
  2. Wild Heart <span class="various">by Terry Burdette</span>
  3. Fade to Black <span class="various">by Noize</span>
  4. Rain <span class="various">by Xavier Toscano</span>
  5. Whispering Wind <span class="various">by Grant Duncan</span>
  6. Driving Me Blind <span class="various">by Bob Hausler</span>
  7. Chemical Thing <span class="various">by Cliff Goldmacher</span>
  8. Got to Have You <span class="various">by Dedline</span>