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Jennifer Knight

Jennifer Knight

Jennifer Knight's artistry is a vivid tableau of high contrast images. First there is the sparkling aura of glamour, a reflection of her career as a fashion model.

This is paralled by her musical identity as a pop vocalist, propelled on the power of dance groves and a high gloss production. Finally, there is the expressive balladeer, a songwriter whose soulful sensitivity is an open window into her heart.

The power of these images dramatically coalesce on Jennifer's new self titled CD "Jennifer Knight." In addition, Jennifer has acquired a proficiency in the technical side of the industry. She built her own vocal recording studio where she recorded her debut CD "Model Music." She produced and arranged all of her vocals. Jennifer has even extended her talents into the marketing field, creating her own record company, Starry Knight Records as well as her own publishing company, Marsceau Music Publishing (ASCAP).

Born and raised in rural Merrill, Wisconsin, Jennifer's musical roots were deep and well nurtured by a musically gifted family. Her mother was the church organist where Jennifer began singing and her grandmother was her piano teacher as well as a choral director and organist also. Jennifer's grandfather was a well-known baritone soloist and her great grandfather crafted violins and cellos by hand. Jennifer played her mother's violin that was made by her great grandfather in college.

Though Jennifer began singing in church at a young age, she was also devoted to broadway, classical and pop music. She was awarded music scholarships from different universities and chose to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music. She relocated to California where she began modeling while sharing her excitement for music as a teacher of piano and voice. Despite her hectic schedule performing, recording and teaching, she stays focused thanks to her faith and self discipline instilled by her family background. "My home, family upbringing and faith in God, these are my greatest influences," she explains.

With passion, energy, faith and honesty she is carving a musical niche with an undeniably wide appeal! She concludes, "for me, putting my music out there for everyone to listen to and enjoy and to possibly be a good role model, is the very best of both possible worlds. It's not just about music and fashion, it's about being a good role model as well! Thanks for listening and enjoy the songs!!!" :)


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