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Jan Merivirta - Songwriter (J. Leachim)

Jan Merivirta - Songwriter (J. Leachim)

J. Leahcim - (Jan Merivirta) is an independent aspiring songwriter. He has also played bass and electric guitar ~4 years and were one of the co-founders of the band called “The Elements”. You can reach him by email at: Jleachimmusic@gmail.com.

J. Leachim’s First released single “Groove in The Night” went live at 20th of June 2012 in iTunes and Spotify.

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Groove in the Night Cover
  • Groove in the Night
  • Instrumental
  • Jan Merivirta
  • 06/19/2012
  • Groove in the Night
Liner Notes:
  1. Groove in the Night
Solar Sailer Cover
  • Solar Sailer
  • Dance
  • J. Leachim
  • 05/10/2013
  • Solar Sailer
  1. Solar Sailer