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Joe Blessett

Joe Blessett

Most musicians enjoy performing live. But, there are some musicians who prefer to write and record without performing live. These musicians are no more or less artistic then their concert-performing brethren, they just happen to enjoy the writing and recording process, but do not, for whatever personal reasons, take their music live and perform it in front of a living audience. Joe Blessett is one of these musicians. An artist who has composed and recorded many albums, his latest being Chillin’ Out in Dark Places, but who has no current plans to perform his music live in a concert setting any time soon.


The 13 tracks that Blessett has brought together for his latest record are hard to classify, and calling them “jazz fusion” is a bit of a misnomer. His music is electronic in nature, mixing beats and electronic instruments into his writing, while at the same time featuring a healthy dose of acoustic instruments and jazz improvisation. Though this combination has been done to certain degrees with other bands in the past, and to various degrees of success, Blessett’s strong writing and mixing skills shine through on this record, making it appealing to both fans of modern electronic music, dance beats and jazz improv.

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Singapore Nights Cover
  • Singapore Nights
  • Jazz, R&B/Soul
  • Joe Blessett
  • 03/23/2011
  • Singapore Nights
Liner Notes: Engineer: Joe Blessett Executive Producer Joe Blessett Publisher and CD Artwork By JoeBlessettMusic www.joeblessett.com www.myspace.com/joeblessett ©®2010 Joe Blessett
  1. Rainy Season
  2. Orchard Towers
  3. One Night in Nagoya
  4. Can't Wait
  5. East Shore
  6. Drop the Phone
  7. Bay Area
  8. Warm Summer Night
  9. Singapore Nights
  10. Silent Killers
  11. Rushed
  12. All U People
  13. Peoples Park
  14. Let It Go
Chillin Out In Dark Places Cover
  • Chillin Out In Dark Places
  • Jazz, Alternative
  • Joe Blessett
  • 08/08/2011
  • Chillin Out In Dark Places
Liner Notes: Liner Notes: Chillin out in Dark Places Title : Chillin Out In Dark Places Artist : Joe Blessett Copyright : ©®2011 Joe Blessett Music Engineer: Joe Blessett Composer: Joe Blessett Executive Producer Joe Blessett Publisher: Joe Blessett Music www.joeblessett.com
  1. Chillin Out in Dark Places...
  2. Tell Me Something
  3. Help Me Pray
  4. Better Days
  5. Slayers and Players
  6. What's Your Secret
  7. Deep Dish Grind
  8. Morning After
  9. Taking a Pause
  10. Friends, Wine & Good Times...
  11. Scotch & Water Please
  12. Dark Places
  13. Honey Hush Cafe