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Song Writer

Song Writer

MySpace Account. I am a song writer and trying to find professional bands to buy the rights to one or all of my songs.

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Rough Cut Cover
  • Rough Cut
  • Alternative, Rock
  • John Wyatt
  • 08/30/2010
  • Rough Cut
Liner Notes: Songs written by John Kenton Wyatt Bass - Matthew Goodman and Nick Bainbridge Rythme Guitar - John Wyatt Lead Guitar - Nick Bainbridge Keyboards - Matt Goodman
  1. Travelin On - Rerecorded
  2. Travelin On
  3. A Raft Set Sail
  4. A Raft Set Sail - Rerecorded...
  5. A Woman Like You
  6. Desert Serenade - Rerecorded...
  7. Desert Serenade
  8. Opus 22 Instrumental
  9. Latter Days
  10. Learning Her Abcs
  11. Overtones - Rerecorded
  12. Overtones
  13. Real Love
  14. Runnin Back to You - Rerecorded...
  15. Runnin Back to You
  16. Can't Wait for Tomorrow
Her Love Is Real Cover
  • Her Love Is Real
  • Alternative, Rock
  • John Wyatt
  • 08/23/2012
  • Her Love Is Real
Liner Notes: John Kenton Wyatt. These songs, along with my other albums are demo songs. I am selling the rights to these songs. Call me at 480-309-4655.
  1. A Woman of Substance
  2. Every Day Is a New Day
  3. Give Me Choice
  4. Her Love Is Real
  5. I Wanna Girl
  6. Look Before You Leap
  7. Myself Again
  8. Patiently
  9. Return to Me
  10. She Gives Me Love
  11. We Are Much More
  12. When I Wake
  13. Why Are You Still Here
  14. Your Own Heart