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JASPER, Ala. (WIAT) - Alabama fans are expressing their love of the team in all sorts of ways.

Jasper musician Johnny Gray has immortalized Alabama football in a song. Writing and recording his single, "The Bama Walk of Fame" ... in honor of the national champions.

Gray's love of Alabama is centered around the man he considers one of the greatest coach's in history, Bear Bryant.

Gray's lyrics include, "When the sun comes up tomorrow for the whole wide world to see for as sure as there is sunlight, golden bear he will be in football heaven in room 323"

323 is of course the number of games Bryant won. The song also follows his career from beginning to end.

Son Darrell played drums on the track. He shares his dad's affection for the team. He says, "love em(laughs) can't get enough of them, they are great their defense this year was just unbelievable."

Gray never met Bryant and has never seen a game in person ... but says through his song, he shares the tide's gridiron glory.

The lyrics are displayed on plaques in both the Bear Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa and the Hank Williams Senior Museum in Montgomery.

If you'd like to buy "The Bama Walk of Fame" song go to www.itunes.com, www.amazon.com/music or www.cdbaby.com/ed/johnnygray

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